May 4, 2017

Spatial economics experts reveal regional impact of job automation

Business Professor Johannes Moenius tells The Atlantic the areas that will be hit hardest aren’t necessarily what you’d think

University of Redlands global business Professor Johannes Moenius spoke with The Atlantic about job automation for an article entitled, “The Parts of America Most Susceptible to Automation.”

The research, lead by Dr. Jess Chen, fellow at the Institute for Spatial Economic Analysis, explores where job losses will take place and which areas will suffer the most as technological advances continue. Rather than the “Rust Belt,” the analysis suggests that areas including Las Vegas and the Riverside-San Bernardino may be strongly impacted by automation, with a large percentage of job loss within the next decade. 

“We felt it was really stunning, since we are underestimating the probability of automation,” Moenius said in the May 3 article. “Are we worried about this from a social perspective? Not for tomorrow, but for 10 years from now? It’s quite frankly frightening.”

As an expert on global business and spatial economic analysis, Moenius notes that automation is encroaching on lower-income jobs.