GIS in University Administration

University of Redlands campus GISGIS is employed at the University of Redlands to document and manage buildings, greenspaces, athletic fields, irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, emergency response capabilities, and other campus infrastructure. It is also used to inform alumni outreach and recruitment activities. Undergraduate and graduate students are involved in many aspects of development of the campus GIS, including asset mapping and updating of the geodatabase. Desktop, laptop, and tablet-based apps connected to the geodatabase are used by staff and administrators on a daily basis. Data is added to campus GIS through GPS-enabled tablet computers, unmanned aerial vehicle missions, and desktop computers. 

The University of Redlands Mapping Project, R-Map, provides general access to many of the interactive apps and maps. This project is ​a cross-departmental effort to ​​produce and utilize maps and GIS technologies to improve access to information and enhance decision-making. This project seeks to use space/location as the ​common thread to integrate and ​synthesize the university's disparate systems. 

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