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10 Redlands voices in the news

U of R newsmakers and experts are covered in national and regional publications. (Photo by Ekrulila via Unsplash.)

University of Redlands faculty, staff, and alumni were recently quoted in outlets from The New York Times to Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report. Here are 10 media highlights.

“The Mass says to young black girls: You are part of what God had in mind when, during creation, God said, ‘It is good.’”
—Rev. Yolanda Norton, Professor of Hebrew Bible/H. Eugene Farlough Professor of Black Church Studies, “A Church Service Inspired by Beyoncé, No Halo Required,” The New York Times, Oct. 21

“Drought and heat predispose forests and other ecosystems in the already-dry western U.S.—and many other places globally—to wildfires. As we have seen, these events are getting more common, larger and more intense.”
Wendy McIntyre, professor, environmental studies, in “Climate change is going to make extreme weather events worse: here’s why,” Newsweek, Sept. 19, in an article that also included Professors Monty Hempel and Timothy Krantz

“What’s unusual about SFTS [San Francisco Theological Seminary] is that we’re able to hold spirituality and social justice together. And we have a passionate commitment to innovation. As churches change, we want to be on the cutting edge of what’s next, so we can address both the needs of rural poverty and the unique challenges of urban ministry. We’re working to expand our ministries of justice, peace, and healing to meet the demands of the 21st century.”
—Rev. Jana Childers, dean, Graduate School of Theology, in “San Anselmo’s Julia Morgan-Designed Architectural Marvel,” Marin Magazine, Sept. 20 

“[Professor] Art [Svenson] does more than teach his students. He helps them become the people of character they are destined to be. And they never forget him.”
Ralph W. Kuncl, president, in “Dr. Art Svenson Receives National Distinguished Teaching Award,” in InlandEmpire.us, Sept. 3 

“We teach our young men that when it is within our power to act, we should. We hope we were able to give the children some moments of optimism and joy to strengthen their recovery.”
Mike Maynard, head football coach, in “University of Redlands football team visits pediatric patients,” WSS News, Aug. 29 

“With so much attention on the [for-profit law school] sector, they are not really as sanguine about for-profits as they used to be. There is extra scrutiny applied now.”
Riaz Tejani, professor of business ethics, in “Western State College of Law in Irvine has a new buyer,” The Orange County Register, Aug. 15

“Today, it might be said that social media is a Fifth Estate that has eaten up the other four. There’s virtually no escaping social media, which has become an integral part of our collective daily life. The best we can do is to think carefully about how much we give up for it and how much we gain from it.”
Sawa Kurotani, professor, sociology and anthropology, “Who holds veto power in social media world?” by Kurotani, The Japan News, August 15

“I actually think there may be an advantage being the one who is not as overly supervised, because I do think that the sort of excessive parenting that you see sometimes prevents children from developing that independence that they really need to function on their own.”
Catherine Salmon, professor, psychology, in “7 things every middle sibling knows to be true,” Business Insider, August 8

“It’s not all about how you start. How you finish, as you ramp up for the transition from high school to college, can make a strong statement to an admissions office.”
Kevin Dyerly ’00, ’04, vice president for enrollment, in “How to get into college: 7 strategies,” U.S. News & World Report, June 2

“I’m feeling pretty optimistic [about my career goals]. … There’s a lot of opportunity, and a lot of interest in finding good people.”
Lidya Stamper ’19, Fulbright recipient, in “Collegiate class of 2019 leaps into working world at prime hiring time,” The Press-Enterprise, June 17

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