Payment Options

The University of Redlands provides several options for students and families to cover any balance due. Many families choose a combination of the options below to pay for costs that scholarships, grants and student loans do not cover.


Online Payments

We are excited to announce that you can now access Student Finance information through the Self-Service Portal. Student Finance has replaced RedlandsPay. The portal can be access accessed here or through MyRedlands. The University of Redlands utilizes Student Finance as the official method for making payments and receiving statements at the University of Redlands. 

This service is a secure method for viewing student account information and making online payments.  Students will be notified by email that a new statement has been uploaded to their Student Finance account.

Student account information and Student Finance messages will be sent to the student's Redlands e-mail address so it is important that the Redlands e-mail is checked on a regular basis. It is the student's responsibility to be informed of all payment due dates and meet all financial obligations when due.

If you are not the student but would like access to a student's account, please have your student set you up as a proxy user on their Self-Service Portal.  Proxy users will be sent email notifications when new statements are uploaded and payments are due.

Student Finance Allows Students To:
  • View current balances and statements online

  • Make online payments with an electronic check (ACH)

  • Establish proxy users and grant them selected access to Student Account information. (Students are responsible for setting up the level of access for each proxy user)

  • New! International Students can make online payments. Click here to learn more.
Student Finance Allows Proxy Users To:
  • View current balances and statements online

  • Make online payments with an electronic check (ACH)

Students and the users they authorize are able to login to Student Finance and view the most up-to-date balance and activity on the student account.

Monthly Payment Plan

We offer a semester-based Monthly Payment Plan as an option to pay your balance due. This is a convenient method for planning, budgeting and paying educational expenses. This is a monthly plan, not a loan; you will not be charged interest. There is a $35.00 fee per semester to enroll in the plan and the first payment is due at the time of enrollment.

Students enrolled in School of Business & Society or School of Education programs are billed at the beginning of each semester. Please note that only current semester charges are eligible to be included in the Payment Plan. All other prior term charges must be paid in full.

Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan

The Grad PLUS Loan (GPLUS) is available to credit-worthy students enrolled at least half-time in a graduate or professional program (students enrolled in the School of Education credential program are ineligible). The loan program is not dependent on income and assets and allows students to borrow the difference between the cost of education and the financial assistance they are scheduled to receive.

It is recommended that students fully exhaust all of their lower interest Federal Direct Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans before applying for any credit-based loans such as the GradPLUS Loan. To learn more, click here.

ACH and Credit Card Payments

ACH and Credit Card payments are not loans. Before the start of each semester, students will receive an email notification when their billing statement is available to view on Self-Service. Students may view their account balance with the amount due including pending financial aid via Student Finance in the Self-Service Portal. Payments can be made online from a checking or savings account by Automated Clearing House (ACH) for no fee. Credit cards have a 2.85% processing fee added to your total payment.

Alternative Loans

Even with financial assistance, some students must consider additional payment options to meet educational expenses not covered by financial aid.

Credit based loans are available from private banks and other institutions for students who need additional funds to meet educational expenses not covered by financial aid. Alternative loans are not a part of the federal loan program and can be more expensive for the borrower.

To apply for an alternative loan students must choose a lender and agree to a credit check. In most cases students must have a good credit history, a low debt -to-income ratio, and a co-signer may be required for students without adequate credit. Students with a co-signer, in general, have a higher rate of approval and lower fee and interest rate structures. Because alternative loans are provided by a wide variety of lenders, terms and conditions may vary.

We have made this process easier by identifying a number of lenders with competitive rates and excellent customer service. We take great care in identifying the best possible loan options for students and reevaluate suggested lenders on a yearly basis. If you do not wish to borrow from a recommender lender you are under no obligation to do so. For more information on alternative loans, and to view our list of recommended lenders, please click on the link below:

Please be aware that you are in no way required to utilize an alternative loan lender from the link above. Student Financial Services supports our students' right to utilize the lender of their choice.

To review our policy on recommending lenders, and for help determining which alternative loan is best for you, please visit our Alternative Loan Facts page.

If you would like to select an Alternative Loan from a lender not listed at the website above please feel free to contact the lender directly.