A Bulldog's Bucket List 

Whether you learn the nonsensical Och Tamale chant with new and future friends during New Student Orientation Week, explore Southern California with fellow adventurers on an Outdoor Programs trip, or spend an unforgettable semester in Salzburg, you will become an integral part of the Redlands community. Follow along as we unveil a new, cherished tradition each week.

#1.  Explore Outdoor Programs
Adventure throughout Southern California with student-run Outdoor Programs. Sea-kayak around the Channel Islands, hike down into the Grand Canyon, take a weekend excursion to rock climb in Joshua Tree National Park or sled in Big Bear. Learn about yourself and the incredible environment surrounding you at the University of Redlands! Don't miss out on our wonderful First Year Journey (FYJ) opportunities made especially for entering students. You can learn more about FYJ's here.