COVID vaccine eligibility expanded at U of R vaccination clinic

May 12, 2021

To:  University Community                                                                                      
From:  Mackenzie Dawes, Interim Director of Event & Office Services
Subject:  COVID vaccine eligibility expanded at U of R vaccination clinic

We are proud to announce that Redlands Community Hospital (RCH) delivered its 5000th vaccine last week at the U of R vaccination clinic. With that accomplishment comes another exciting announcement, adolescents 12 through 15 years of age are eligible to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. 

Next week, on Tuesday, May 18, we will be hosting a Pfizer clinic for anyone 12 or older. The second dose will be administered on Monday, June 7. Volunteers are needed for weekly clinics such as this one. For more information or to sign up, visit our volunteer portal.

The codes—which only work for registration for RCH vaccination clinics—are:

  • URYOUTH can be used for anyone 12+ years of age wanting to receive the Pfizer vaccination at the U of R clinic. Youth do not have to be affiliated with the U or R employee, so please share this code with friends! Because many people used their own mobile number to register themselves, contacting the RCH Call Center at 909-793-3716 to schedule an appointment for a child is recommended. Be prepared to leave a message and receive a call back, given their high call volume. Please note consent forms for youth will be completed on-site on paper instead of through the app.
  • URED or BULLDOGS can continue to be used by all University employees and students seeking the Moderna or Pfizer vaccination through RCH. If you prefer the Johnson & Johnson vaccination, please call the RCH Call Center at 909-793-3716 to schedule an appointment for later in May.
  • As posted on the RCH website, RCHALL can be used for anyone 18 years or older who lives or works in San Bernardino County; family members may qualify to register with this code. Those using this code may be assigned to a local RCH clinic other than the one located on the main U of R campus.

Register with one of these codes on the RCH website. Once on the website, click the “Schedule Your Reservation Here” button.

Since registration addresses must be in San Bernardino county, U of R students and employees can use the U of R’s street address to qualify if needed:

1200 E. Colton Ave.
Redlands, CA 92374

After you register at the RCH website, you will receive a text message from RCH with a link to the AxS Health app that RCH staff use for tracking appointments. Please follow the link and complete the preregistration process before coming to the clinic to ensure a quick on-site check-in process.

The University of Redlands vaccination clinic is located in Orton Center off of Brockton Avenue, between N. University and N. Grove Streets, on the main U of R campus. Please see the University’s Vaccination Clinic web page for more information about the clinic and vaccination process.