School of Education Administrative Departments and Staff

Progress and equity don’t emerge from a single source. The School of Education’s structure and mission reflect this belief. Our graduate and credentialing programs across teaching, educational leadership, and counseling center around justice and inclusion of all individuals regardless of background or ability.

Our graduates operate with these principles in fieldwork assignments and absorb these messages to become impactful, engaged, and justice-driven professionals in their respective fields. Guiding their progress are our faculty members—leaders in their disciplines who mentor School of Education students toward their career goals.

Our administrative staff round out the School of Education’s foundation. Our departments work tirelessly to forge connections with school districts, agencies, and other organizations across the Inland Empire, propose new programs, and aid students through advising and support during the admissions process and once enrolled.

Learn more about each administrative department within the School of Education, including its mission, services, and staff members.

Office of the Dean

Every institution needs direction. The Office of the Dean looks ahead to the programs offered and how they align with our region’s educational needs and seeks out opportunities to serve the Inland Empire through the School’s mission of educational justice.

Coordinating and overseeing operations across the School of Education, the Office of the Dean manages all communication and partnerships with local school districts, charter networks, agencies, and other organizations for fieldwork assignment placement and supports faculty in mentoring and meeting the needs of all students.

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Advising Team

Our justice-rooted mission not only defines our degree programs but how we support our students across undergraduate, graduate, and credentialing programs. Reaching your goals shouldn’t be a sink-or-swim endeavor but a route connecting your aspirations with the skills needed to realize your dreams.

Our advising team serves this purpose within our structure. Overseeing curricular and co-curricular efforts, our team:

  • assists students in finding fieldwork assignments;
  • offers insight into the credentialing process;
  • provides resources and information about registering for courses, accessing and exploring financial aid opportunities, and learning more in-depth about our degree programs; and
  • connects students with various support services, be it for counseling or academic assistance.

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School of Education Admissions

The desire to change educational institutions from within and assist others regardless of background frames the School of Education’s programs and our admissions process. In welcoming you to continue your journey at Redlands, our admissions team is here to answer your questions about our programs and the application process. We recommend making an appointment to ensure our offerings align with your goals, discuss the next steps and any questions and concerns, make sure you’re compiling all necessary documentation, and explore various financial aid solutions.

Reach out to our graduate enrollment team or undergraduate admissions team to schedule an appointment virtually, over the phone, or in-person to touch on your objectives and get assistance with the application process.

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We’re invested in your success and aim to see you discover your potential and flourish as an educational or counseling professional. For questions about the School of Education and our staff, request additional information or set up an appointment with a graduate or undergraduate enrollment counselor.