Student Resources and FAQ

Student Role in Online Blended Courses

The School of Continuing Studies (SCS) online and blended courses provide students with a flexible and convenient way to learn and complete degree programs. However, SCS’s online and blended courses maintain the same quality and rigor that can be found in our traditional classroom setting. These courses are meant to challenge and prepare students for future endeavors. Online students need to be motivated, dedicated, organized, and determined in enrolled courses.

Students are expected to understand the Instructor’s expectations for online and blended courses. Read the course syllabus and getting started pages very carefully, noting due dates of activities, quizzes, and assignments, and printing materials if desired. Questions about course expectations should be addressed to the Instructor immediately by email or by using the other contact information provided on the course syllabus. Do not contact the Instructor for technical support that is unrelated to course content.

Computer Skills

As a student enrolled in online or blended courses, students will need to have basic computer skills. Students are expected to be able to:

  • Open files in standard formats (e.g., MS Office documents, PDFs, and images)
  • Create, save, organize, and maintain digital files
  • Interact with the Canvas course site
  • Communicate electronically
  • Knowledge of web browsing and searching
  • Routinely check University email account for prudent announcements

Communication & Participation

Students are expected to be active participants in the course. At the very least, students will be expected to access the online course during the first three days of the course. Failure to access the course or communicate with the Instructor during the first week is grounds for being dropped from the course. Students are expected to be willing and ready to regularly share with classmates and instructors online. Students are expected to log into Canvas and check their official University of Redlands email account daily. Doing so will allow students to view announcements, participate in-class activities, assignments, online discussions, and complete assessments. The student must understand all course requirements and abide by the due dates for assignments, quizzes, tests, and other activities.

Students should not hesitate to ask questions. Students are strongly encouraged to contact their Instructor with course-related questions regarding course concepts, assignments, and feedback provided. It is recommended that students contact their instructors using their University of Redlands email well in advance of assignment due dates. If an instructor doesn't respond after 48 hours, please be sure to reach out to the School of Continuing Studies team via email at


Instructors can track Student activity. Students are expected to log in to the course to regularly keep up with the course material and assignments. Students who fail to attend the first week of the course or check in with the Instructor will be administratively dropped on the first Monday of week two. Students are expected to be regular and punctual in class attendance and to participate in the course thoroughly. The School of Continuing Studies believes that students themselves are primarily responsible for attendance and class participation. 

Time Management

Managing time is essential in online and blended courses for a student to be successful. Successful students are organized in their studies and take ownership of their own learning. The best approach is to set aside a specific time each day to focus on coursework and studies. Ideally, the set time should be the same time and day.

Student Course Materials

Students are responsible for maintaining course files, including any files (papers, projects, assessments, presentations, etc.) that they create. If a student loses or cannot find a file, they may contact their course instructor to see if they can provide the file. Once a course is completed, neither SCS nor the Instructor is responsible for providing students with lost course-related digital files, resources, or materials.

Students are responsible for obtaining their textbooks in a timely manner. Instructors provide textbook information a week before the class begins, providing students with enough time to purchase all required materials. Workforce students must request textbooks with SCS promptly; books are not automatically mailed out based on enrollment.

Students who do not obtain textbook information from their professor in a timely manner are to contact the SCS Associate Director, Dr. Deborah Grijalva.

Technical Support

Students who encounter technical support issues should immediately contact ResNet for Students 909-748-8921 or via email at

Additional Course Related Support

Students who encounter issues or problems in online or blended courses beyond technical problems are advised to contact the SCS Associate Director, Dr. Deborah Grijalva. The following issues are valid reasons to make contact immediately:

  • Instructor fails to respond to student questions for more than 48 hours
  • The Instructor has not provided any grades or feedback two weeks past the submission deadline
  • The Instructor is not participating in the course at all
    • Does not meet with students
    • Does not provide guided lecture either by video recording or scheduled date/time

Disability Services

The University of Redlands provides accommodations to enable students with disabilities to access the University community, in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Reasonable accommodations are determined based on current documentation and are made on a case-by-case basis. Adherence to academic standards that are essential to a course of study is generally considered nondiscriminatory. For more information regarding Disability Services, reach out at 909-748-8069 or by email at

What programs do you offer?

Programs include degree-applicable certificates, ranging from 9-22 months. Certificate program courses may also be taken individually to pursue selected topics or earn credit toward your degree. Programs are available in many disciplines. Enrollment is open, meaning there are no formal admission or application requirements.

Do you offer programs for active military and veterans?

For information regarding Military & Veteran's Services, contact Monique Pope
at 909.748.8337 and

Where are programs offered?

All School of Continuing Studies courses will be online until further notice.

When are courses and workshops offered?

All programs are offered throughout the year. Certificate courses are typically scheduled one evening per week. Workshops and individual courses are scheduled in convenient daytime or late afternoon formats.

I have no college education. Can I still enroll?

Yes. Anyone can enroll in our courses. The only certificate that has a prerequisite is our Accounting program.

How do I enroll?

Select a course and check out through the shopping cart. A confirmation email containing course and program information will be sent to you.

Do I need to apply for admission to the University of Redlands before I register for a course?

No. All courses are open enrollment. Simply choose the course you want and register.

Can I transfer courses I took at another university to earn my certificate?

You may transfer up to half of the required units from a regionally accredited college or university. You must show proof of earning a passing grade in the course(s), and the course(s) must be similar to the certificate course(s) for which you are seeking the credit.

May I take a course before I register for a certificate?

You may take one or more courses before deciding to pursue a certificate program.

Can I earn college credit for SCS courses?

Yes. Most SCS courses offer undergraduate-level college credit.

Does SCS offer financial aid or student loans?

If you are pursuing a Prep Year or degree program, you may qualify for Federal Financial Aid. Private student loans from Wells Fargo Bank are also available.

Unfortunately, we do not offer financial aid or federal student loans for certificate programs. Students pay for each course upfront, but on a course-by-course basis. This can help break up the cost. Students can also look into private student loans or see if their employer provides education funding.

For more information, contact

I am recently unemployed. Are there funds available for retraining?

Unemployed or underemployed workers may receive government funding to pursue a certificate. Contact your local Employment Development Department (EDD) to find out if you are eligible.

Will my employer cover the cost?

Consult with your human resources or training department for details.

Are there tax credits or deductions available?

Several tax credits or deductions are available for continuing education including the $1,500 Hope Scholarship Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit (20% of the first $5,000 in expenses). Consult your tax advisor for more details.

How do I contact my instructor?

To email an instructor, use (please note, some instructors use personal email addresses, and may not respond to an email sent to their Redlands address).

How do I view my grades?

To access unofficial transcripts and grades, visit "Student Planning" from your MyRedlands account.

How do I order a transcript?

To order an official transcript, visit

Who may I contact about billing or refunds?

If you change your mind about taking a course or decide you'd like to take a different section/course instead, please contact our office via email at or call us at 909.748.8863. 

You may receive a full refund up until the first day of the class. Once the course has started, you may be able to receive a prorated amount. 

Once we have received a signed add/drop form, your refund will be processed through our Student Financial Services office and a check will be mailed to you.

To check on a refund, contact Student Financial Services at 909.748.8047 or

Where can I get help with my Canvas account?

If you forget your password, or have trouble accessing your account, please contact Cheryl Robbins at 909.748.8319 or

I’m a UTC student. Where can I find support information for my program?

Writing Tutoring

University of Redlands students have access to free writing support through the Office of Academic Success. Appointments are offered both online and in-person on the Redlands campus (ground floor of Armacost Library). Tutors can help at any stage of the writing process and with any type of writing. Students can have a brainstorming conversation if they are unsure where to begin, and they can meet with a tutor throughout the drafting and revision process. Students can schedule a tutoring appointment at If they have not used the tutor scheduling system before, they will need to take a moment to first register for an account.

The Writing Lounge

The webinar series, provided free for all by the School of Business, offers brief presentations on specific topics as well as tips & tricks to elevate college-level writing. To view upcoming webinar topics and the links to join (including previous webinar recordings), visit

Academic Success Workshops

The Office of Academic Success offers several free workshops throughout the academic year designed to enhance skills needed for academic success. To view upcoming workshops and to sign up, go to

Topics include:

  • Setting Goals
  • Managing Multiple Responsibilities & Demands
  • Finding Motivation & Overcoming Procrastination
  • I’m behind in class! Now what?!
  • Presenting Like a Pro: How to Prepare for Presentations
  • Adulting & Professionalism: Becoming Proactive About Your Academic Success
  • Stress Management & Self-care

Armacost Library

Search for articles, books, journals, and more. Students can view research guides and get research help from a librarian. For more information, go to

Fletcher Jones Foundation Computer Center

On the main campus, the Fletcher Jones Foundation Computer Center (FJFCC) is the primary computing hub on campus. The general Lab contains both PCs and Macs for walk-in use. The three computer labs in the FJFCC can be scheduled for full semester use or one-time class sessions. There are four collaborative learning spaces in the FJFCC, a makerspace as well as the Internet Cafe.

Each regional center location also features a computer lab. Please visit the Regional Center Labs link for additional details on those spaces. For more information please visit:

Questions regarding computer lab or workspaces can be directed to:

  • On-campus: 8965 or 8962
  • Off-campus:  909-748-8965 or 909-748-8962

Office of Career & Professional Development (OCPD)

OCP provides support with cover letters, interview prep, networking, and career searching. Visit for more information.

CARE (Campus Assessment, Response, & Education) Team

The CARE Team seeks to identify students who are experiencing distress/difficulty and connect those students with campus or community resources to help them manage the distress and resolve the issue(s) at hand so that they can maintain wellbeing and academic achievement. For information and to submit a CARE Team Report about a student of concern, please visit their website.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center’s 24/7 Crisis Line is available to all University of Redlands students. Students can call 909-748-8960 to be connected with a licensed therapist. For more information, visit their website.

Title IX

The University of Redlands is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students that is free of all forms of discrimination, sexual misconduct, and sexual harassment, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.  If you (or someone you know) has experienced or experiences any of these incidents, know that you are not alone.  The University of Redlands has staff members trained to support you in navigating campus life, accessing health and counseling services, providing academic and housing accommodations, no-contact orders, and more.

Please be aware all University of Redlands faculty members are “responsible employees,” which means that if you tell me about a situation involving sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, I must share that information with the Title IX Coordinator. Although I have to make that notification, you will control how your case will be handled, including whether or not you wish to pursue a formal complaint. Our goal is to make sure you are aware of the range of options available to you and have access to the resources you need.

Title IX Coordinator contact information is below:

If you wish to speak to someone privately, you can contact any of the following on-campus resources:

For more information, please visit,

More questions?

Call 909.748.8869. An Enrollment Coordinator is available to speak with you.