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Whether you're a busy professional ready to advance your career, a social justice activist, an organization seeking customized instruction, a mental health professional interested in continuing education credits for APA, or a lifelong learner eager to explore new horizons, the School of Continuing Studies has you covered.

Choose from 11 professional certificate programs and 25+ general education courses, many available online or at one of our seven regional campuses throughout Southern California.

We also deliver custom education—workshops, courses, certificates, and degree-seeking programs—to suit your organization's specific needs.

Assistant Director, Deborah Grijalva, and Director, Amy Moff Hudec,
are here to help you on your educational journey. 


Programs and courses by school

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In partnership with the University of Redlands School of Business we offer eight professional certificate programs and a variety of business-related courses including project management and healthcare administration.

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In partnership with the University of Redlands School of Education, we offer a professional Instructional Design certificate along with courses in Learning Theories, e-Learning, and Administrative Development.

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cas-school-link-600x400.jpgIn partnership with the University of Redlands College of Arts and Sciences, we offer courses ranging from Computer Science and Environmental Studies to Government and the Arts. CAS students can take courses during the school year and in the summer. 

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Our Social Justice Pathway (formerly known as Applied Wisdom Institute) delivers in-depth learning experiences that add awareness to your professional skill set.

Our two social justice certificates, Mental Health and Spirituality and LGBTQ+ Leadership, offer mental health professions and activists unique educational opportunities. And, our Anti-Racism course gives students an opportunity to develop and strengthen skills in learning and discussing the history of racism in America, how it presents in America today, and practical steps towards decriminalizing Blackness, and becoming an Anti-racist country. 

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Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.

Albert Einstein, mathematician and physicist

Professional Certificates

Choose a certificate program from one of thirteen specialized areas of study. Based on the latest developments and industry best practices, our programs offer undergraduate degree-applicable credit—but you don't have to be a degree-seeking student to enroll. In fact, some of our certificate students have already completed their degrees and simply want to pursue a specialization.




Custom Instruction

From degree-earning Pathway programs to workshops and on-site training, we can design a program that meets your specific needs.

Recent examples include programs that lead to undergraduate degrees for employees of United Technology Corporation, Hydraflow, and Firefighters First Credit Union. We even developed and delivered a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Business workshop in Genoa, Italy, for an international cruise line.

Like to explore custom instruction options for you organization? Contact us at 909.748.8863 or at amy_moffhudec@redlands.edu.


General Education & Electives

Expand your professional knowledge or prepare for your next life step by choosing from more than TK general education and elective courses. The courses may apply to an undergraduate degree, or can be chosen to grow your personal interests.




Professional Continuing Education Workshops

Improve your abilities in key professional areas: presentation skills, project management, lean principles, organization skills, time management, finance, accounting, change management, and more. Our workshops are conveniently scheduled and directed to help you improve your professionalism and achieve excellent results on the job.


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