Nicholle Andrews

Professor, Choral Studies and Director, Feast of Lights
Conservatory of Music

Nicholle Andrews

Areas of Expertise

  • Music
  • Body Mapping
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Vibrato and Pitch Perception
  • Contemporary Choral Music


B.Mus., B.Mus.Ed., Memorial University of Newfoundland
M.Mus., D.Mus., McGill University

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B.Mus., B.Mus.Ed., Memorial University of Newfoundland
M.Mus.,D.Mus., McGill University

Areas of Expertise

  • Director of Choral Activities 
  • Body Mapping
  • Performance Anxiety 
  • Vibrato and Pitch Perception 
  • Contemporary Choral Music


Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Dr.  Nicholle Andrews is Director of Choral Studies at the University of Redlands in Southern California, and Artist Director of Phoenix Chamber Choir in Vancouver British Columbia. She is in high demand across North America as a conductor, adjudicator, and clinician.

Andrews has worked with such composers as William  Bolcolm, Joan Tower, Libby Larson, Gunther Schuller,  Imant  Raminsh, R. Murray Schafer,  alcides  lanza, and Krzysztof  Penderecki, and eminent conductors  Bramwell  Tovey, Sir David  Willcox, Bobby McFerrin,  Tõnu  Kaljuste and Georg  Titner. Under her direction, choirs at the University of Redlands have been invited to perform at festivals and conferences such as  Canada's national choral conference Podium on the Edge, National Collegiate Choral Organization  Convention,  California Music Educators Association  Convention,  California All State Music Educators Conference and Festival 500 Sharing the Voices. Her choirs have performed with legendary rock group  The  WHO, Sarah Brighman and Josh Groban.

Andrews is a licensed body mapping educator and her areas of research include the study of performance anxiety in musicians, pitch perception, and awareness of the body through conducting. Her publications can be found in sources such as the Journal of Research in Music Education and Journal of Band Research and she is currently serving as the Collegiate Research and Repertoire Coordinator for the Western Division American Choral Directors Association.

At the University of Redlands, Andrews' areas of specialization include choral conducting, body mapping and ear training. She also offers graduate seminars on performance anxiety, score study, rehearsal technique, an undergraduate course on understanding contemporary music titled Ear Cleaning, and a Freshmen Music Seminar. Andrews has received recognition for her outstanding teaching as the recipient of Advisor of the Year, Professor of the Year, and Faculty Outstanding Service Award.

Having completed her doctorate and master's in choral conducting at McGill University,  Andrews studied with Professor  Iwan  Edwards, Dr. John  Baboukis, Dr. Julian  Wachner. While at McGill University she taught musicianship, instrumental conducting and choral conducting. She completed a double Bachelor of Music in oboe performance and music education at Memorial University of Newfoundland where she studied conducting with  Dr. Douglas  Dunsmore.

Andrews has also taught music (kindergarten to grade 12) in several public schools throughout Canada and England. 

Courses Taught at Redlands

Advanced Choral Conducting
Applied Conducting Lessons
Baroque Music History
Body Mapping Seminar
Chapel Singers
Choral Methods
Ear Training and Musicianship
First Year Music Seminar
Graduate Seminar on Performance Anxiety 
Madrigal Singers
Medieval & Renaissance Music History
University Choir
20th Century Score Study and Analysis

Performances, Recordings, and Presentations

Conductor, SATB Honor Choir Conductor for Southern California Vocal Association. November 2022
Conductor, Canadian National Physicians Choir performances2020 – present
Guest Conductor, Western American Choral Director Association, Salt Lake City, UTGuest conductor for the Murray High School breakout choir April 2019
Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity Choral Arts Residency. Working with Pro Coro Canada and conductors Michael Zaugg, Lone Larsen, Sven Helbig, Brian Mummert, Thomas Burtoin, Mona Holton, Miro Hanauer and Katy Harmer as well as composers Marie-Claire Saindon, Netta Shahar, Henrik Dahlgren, Dominik Dieterle and Hope Littwin. February 2020
The Children’s Feast Directed the production and creation of The First Children’s Feast, now part of the Feast of Lights tradition with the intention of engaging young families. December 2019
Artist Director Phoenix Chamber Choir, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Artistic Director of the 28 SATB pre-professional chamber choir. One of Canada’s finest vocal ensembles, Phoenix Chamber Choir is renowned for diverse and eclectic programming and commissions from Canadian and international composers June 2019-present
Guest Conductor Phoenix Chamber Choir, Vancouver, British Columbia, March 2019
Performance Podium on the Edge: St. John’s, Newfoundland Conducted University of Redlands Chapel Singers, the only American choir invited by audition to perform at Choral Canada’s biannual national convention. July 2018
Guest Conductor Clark County School District High School Honor Choir, Henderson  Conduct the SATB honor choir consisting of 200 high school students. October 2017
Choral Conductor, Chapel Singers Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA Prepared Chapel Singers to sing back up for The WHO’s performance of Quadrophenia. September 2017
ITF (International Trombone Festival) ITF (International Trombone Festival), Redlands, CA Prepared and conducted the Men’s Choir for a performance of Beethoven’s Funeral Music. July 2017
California All-State Music Education Conference California All-State Music Education Conference: San Jose , CA Conducted the University of Redlands Chapel Singers at the California All State Music Education Conference. An audition process selected Chapel Singers for the conference. February 2016
Choral Conductor, Chapel Singers, Training Chorus & Youth Choir Spoonful of Sherman: University of Redlands, Redlands  Conducted the University of Redlands Chapel Singers and Youth Choir for a performance with Richard Sherman at the University of Redlands. January 2016
Loewe Medal for American Music University of Redlands, Redlands The Music of Libby Larson –Loewe Medal for American MusicPrepared Chapel Singers to perform Libby Larson’s choral work, A Lover Journey for performance under Larson’s adjudication. November 2015
National Collegiate Choral Organization National Collegiate Choral Organization: Portland, OR Conducted the University of Redlands Chapel Singers at the National Collegiate Choral Organization Conference, at Portland State University. Chapel Singers was selected to perform by a panel of prestigious American choral conductors. November 2015
Choral Conductor, Chapel Singers University of Redlands, Redlands
Conducted the University of Redlands Chapel Singers performing for His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa. This was the world premiere of the work, which was originally written by His Holiness, and arranged by Dr. Chung Shih Hoh specifically for this event.  March 2015
Loewe Medal for American Music University of Redlands, Redlands The Music of Joan Tower –Loewe Medal for American Music   Prepared Chapel Singers to perform Joan Tower’s choral work, Descending for performance under Tower’s adjudication. This was the West Coast Premiere of the work. Fall 2013
Founder & Artist Director, University of Redlands Training Chorus & Youth Choir University of Redlands, Redlands The University of Redlands Youth Choir provides an environment for young people from surrounding communities to come together and learn important skills under the direction of Redlands faculty. The Youth Choir program teaches music literacy, self-discipline, teamwork, respect for others, and afford all students the opportunity to learn and grown in a positive, engaging and safe environment. January 2013-Fall 2019
Loewe Medal for American Music University of Redlands, Redlands The Music of William Bolcolm –Loewe Medal for American Music Prepared Chapel Singers to perform William Bolcolm’s 20-minute choral work, The Mask for performance under Bolcolm’s adjudication. Spring 2012
Choral Conductor, Chapel Singers University of Redlands, Redlands Responsible for preparing the University of Redlands Chapel Singers for various performances including the Feast of Lights, Compline and various other secular and sacred performances. September 2011 – present
Loewe Medal for American Music University of Redlands, Redlands The Music of Gunther Schuller –Loewe Medal for American Music Prepared Chapel Singers to perform Gunther Schuller’s choral work, Te Deum and Magnificat for performance under Schuller’s adjudication. March 2011
Festival 500, Sharing the Voices Memorial University of Newfoundland: St. John’s Performance: University of Redlands Madrigal Singers July 2009
Director, Feast of Lights University of Redlands, Redlands, December 2008 – present
California Music Educators Association Conference Sacramento, CA Performance: University of Redlands Madrigal Singers March 2008
Choral Conductor, La Ceilagh Chamber Singers Festival 500, Sharing the Voice, St. John’s Presented a performance on Contemporary Canadian repertoire, July 2007
Opera Chorus Director University of Redlands: Redlands, September 2007 – present
Choral Conductor, Mass Choir Redlands Symphony Orchestra: Redlands Fall 2006 – present
Conductor and Collaborator  Hope University, Anaheim, CA Title: Beau Monde Float, Thirteen Six Views of Sound Beauty  Hope University in a fine arts program for adults with developmental disabilities “ September 2007 & October 2010

Conductor, Artistic Director and Producer for CD Recording Phoenix Chamber Choir, Vancouver, British Columbia Title of Recording: Evolve, July 2022
Feast of Lights DVD Directed the production and creation of a professional video recording of The 72nd Feast of Lights. December 2019
Guest Conductor for CD Recording Phoenix Chamber Choir, Vancouver, British Columbia Title of Recording: Winter Sun (Available in hard copy, Spotify & iTunes) June 2019
Southern California Soundscape Ensemble Internet Recording Internet release Title: “if you surrendered to the air”, February 2011
Pierrot Project – CD Recording LMP Studios: Claremont, CA In collaboration with Hope University and Raffles Institution, and Wesleyan University, August 2010

Presenter 35th ISME (International Society for Music Education) World Conference Title: “Perfectionism and Music Performance Anxiety: An Examination of Online and In-Person Learning Contexts”  Co presenters: Charlene Ryan & Jessica Tsang, July 2022
Presenter Association of Body Mapping Educators Virtual Conference Title: “The Six Places of Balance” as part of the ‘What Every Musician Needs To Know About the Body’" June 2021
Keynote Presenter ACDA Nevada State Mini Virtual Conference, Las Vegas, NV Presented on body mapping, vocal technique, repertoire, conducting and technology during the pandemic. November 2020
Guest Presenter British Columbia Music Educators Association Conference, B.C, Canada Presented a virtual workshop with Frédéricka Petit-Homme “Raising BIPOC Voices in the Choral Community: There is no perfect process” October 2020
Presenter SoundPedro, San Pedro, CA Title: “Interactive Ear Cleaning Sessions", June 2019
Guest Presenter British Columbia Music Educators Association Conference, B.C, Canada Presented a workshop on body mapping, gesture and vocal production. October 2019
Presenter Palm Spring Unified School District, Palm Spring, CA Title: “Body Mapping Workshop", October 2018
Presenter Las Vegas Academy for the Arts, Las Vegas, NV Title: “Vocal Master Classes", Fall 2018
Presenter Podium on the Edge, St. John’s, Newfoundland Title: “How Body Mapping can improve gesture and vocal production", July 2018
Presenter CCDA Southern Regional Conference, Fullerton, CA Title: “Running a Reading Session", September 2017
Presenter Resonate: Biennial Music Educators’ Conference, Memorial University, St. John’s Title: “Body Mapping in the Classroom", October 2017
Presenter Festival 500: Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s Title: “Performance Anxiety in Elite Secondary School Choristers", July 2013
Presenter The 19th International Symposium for Research in Music Behavior: Barcelona: Spain Title: “Performance Anxiety and Post-Secondary Plans of High School Musicians” (presented by co-author, Dr. Charlene Ryan due to funding issues), July 2011
Presenter International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition: Seattle, WA Title: “Examining the role of performance anxiety in high school musicians' plans for music in life and career” (presented by co-author, Dr. Charlene Ryan due to funding issues) August 2010
Presenter Festival 500: Sharing the Voice Academic Symposium Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s Title: “Vibrato and Pitch Perception: Does the Presence or Absence of Vibrato Influence How Intonation is Perceived and Assessed?” July 2009
Presenter Festival 500: Sharing the Voice Academic Symposium Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s Title: “An investigation into the choral singer’s experience of musical performance anxiety.” July 2007

Publication JBR (Journal of Band Research) Ryan, C., Andrews, N. (2021). High School Band Musicians: Performance Anxiety and Post-Secondary Plans. Journal of Band Research, vol. 57(no. 1) 54-73.
Publication Andrews, N. (2011). Teaching through composition: The choral music of alcides lanza. In Reynish, T (Ed.). Sharing the voices: The phenomenon of singing VI (pp. 46-52). St. John’s, NL: Memorial University of Newfoundland"
Publication JRME (Journal of Research in Music Education) Ryan, C., Andrews, N. (2009). An Investigation into the Choral Singer’s Experience of Music Performance Anxiety. Journal of Research in Music Education, vol. 57(no. 2) 108-126.