School of Performing Arts Audition Information

All students, regardless of major, are invited to audition for the various theatrical productions and music ensembles. Information on signing up for auditions is below, along with contact information for the instructor of each group. Interested students may also attend the Music Orientation on Friday, August 25th at 10:30am in Frederick Loewe Performance Hall (FLPH), inside of Watchorn Hall (WAT) to ask questions and get help signing up for an audition.

Fall 2023 Auditions, Conservatory of Music

Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band

All wind and percussion players will sign up for an audition. Auditions will take place on Monday, August 28 and Tuesday, August 29. You will be asked to play a prepared selection or excerpt, scales, and do some sight reading.
Questions may be directed to Prof. David Scott

Here is the link to sign up for your ensemble audition time.

Note that invitations to perform with the University Orchestra will also be based on these auditions.

University Choir and Chapel Singers

Choral auditions will be held on Monday, August 28, Wednesday, August 29 and Friday, September 1.  Times are available between 10:50am and 12:40pm each day. You will be asked to sing a prepared selection of your choice and do some sight singing. There is an online audition form and an online scheduling form; both are available here:

Here is the link for your choir audition form. Be sure to complete it BEFORE your audition.

Here is the link to sign up for your choir audition time.

Questions may be directed to Prof. Nicholle Andrews

Studio Big Band (Jazz Band)

All horn players (Trumpets, Trombones and Saxophones) will audition on Monday August 28th (8:00pm-9:00pm) in Watchorn 113.  Rhythm section players will audition on Monday August 28th (7:00pm-8:00pm)in Watchorn 113.  Studio Big Band will rehearse Monday evenings from 7:30pm – 9pm this term.  All students should (not required) prepare a jazz etude, solo, or transcription.  You will be asked to sightread. 

Questions may be directed to Prof. David Scott

Here is the link to sign up for your big band audition time.  

University Orchestra

String players who would like to audition for University Orchestra will audition in Frederick Loewe Performance Hall (FLPH) in Watchorn Hall (WAT) on Tuesday, August 29 between 10:50am and 12:40pm. 

Students will be asked to perform the excerpts provided by the conductor, Prof. Co Nguyen; you can obtain the excerpts and direct any questions to 

Here is the link to sign up for your orchestra audition time. 

Percussion Studio

Audition material for Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Symhony Orchestra, and Percussion Ensemble can be found here.
All students are welcome to audition for large ensembles.

Questions can be directed to Prof. Bill Schlitt and Prof. Yuri Inoo 

Here is the link to sign up for your audition time.

Fall 2023 Auditions, Department of Theatre and Dance

A Doll’s House Part 2, by Lucas Knath 

Directed by Gregory Ramos
Audition dates: September 5 and 6
Performance Dates: October 27-29, November 3-5

Play Synopsis: In the final scene of Ibsen’s 1879 groundbreaking masterwork, Nora Helmer makes the shocking decision to leave her husband and children, and begin a life on her own. This climactic event—when Nora slams the door on everything in her life—instantly propelled world drama into the modern age. In A DOLL’S HOUSE, PART 2, many years have passed since Nora’s exit. Now, there’s a knock on that same door. Nora has returned. But why? And what will it mean for those she left behind? Through searing comedy and keen insight the play explores ongoing expectations and assumptions about gender roles and the ongoing complexities for women in society. Tony, Drama Desk, and Outer Critics Circle Award nominations for Best Play.

ROE, by Lisa Loomer

Directed by Allison Scarlet Jaye
Audition Dates: October 30-31
Performance Dates: March 5-7, 12-14

Play Snyopsis: Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case that legalized abortion, is still fiercely debated over 40 years later, and was recently overturned in 2022. The play, ROE reveals the divergent personal journeys of lawyer Sarah Weddington and plaintiff Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe") in the years following the fateful decision. ROE is shocking, humorous, poignant, and brings urgent history into the here and now, a time when once again a woman's right to choose is unprotected. Acclaimed writer Lisa Loomer reflects the polarization in America today while illuminating the heart and passion each side has for its cause. ROE received the Jane Chambers Playwriting Award, the PEN Award, and is currently under option for a Broadway Production.