Student Testimonials

"The program has allowed me to interact with professors and other students who excel in their fields—scientists, musicians, philosophers, and mathematicians. They have helped me to experience a completely new set of assumptions about the world."
—Eleanore Conant '01

"We get to study stimulating subjects with other eager minds, looking at a topic through several lenses, each with powerful focus and refinement."
—Erick Guzman '03

"Interdisciplinary learning? That simply means the only limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself...and nothing teaches you to challenge your limitations like a year abroad and three intensive seminars with the same group-a group that knows you very well. I think that kind of freedom and challenge are unique to the Proudian Program."
—Susan Essex '85

"These courses take you to questions you never imagined. I enjoy this interdisciplinary program because I am interested in so many subjects that I need a way of combining them."
—Emily Freeburg '02