Proudian Interdisciplinary Honors Program

The Proudian Interdisciplinary Honors Program brings together exceptional students with outstanding faculty for a challenging, rewarding educational experience.

The Program is designed for up to eighteen students in each graduating class who wish to explore interdisciplinary learning. Proudian Scholars transcend disciplinary boundaries and explore new perspectives via three seminars as well as studying, presenting, and traveling together.

Program Highlights:

  • Exclusive use of HOL 200
  • Expanded borrowing privileges at the Armacost Library
  • LAI fulfillment
  • Sophomore Symposium
  • Three tuition-free May Terms (additional course fees not covered)
  • Cross cultural study encouraged: eligible for Proudian/ Salzburg project fund
  • Honors thesis/project via your major department or Proudian
  • Run yearly applicant workshop

2023-24 Proudian Honors courses:

  • Fall 2023: IDS 465: Senior Seminar: Who speaks for Whom? Decolonizing Academia    
    • Dr. Althea Sircar, Professor of Political Science
  • Spring 2024: IDS 365: Sophomore Seminar I: Disease in History  (ESS, CPI, OC)           
    • M/W 10:50am-12:05pm
    • Pat Wing, Professor, History
    • This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to the history of the disease. We will consider the ways that  people understood disease and its consequences over time. As we have seen during COVID-19 pandemic, disease has a biological and chemical aspect: it also has economic, statistical, spatial, social, religious, artistic, and political dimensions. We will explore all of these.
    • May 2024: IDS 366: Sophomore Seminar II: Outdoor and environmental Film
    • Dr. Hongwei Lu, Professor of Asian Studies 


For more information, write or contact

Patrick Wing, Proudian Program Director at

Co-Program Assistants/Scholars

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