Proudian Interdisciplinary Honors Program

The Proudian Interdisciplinary Honors Program brings exceptional students together with some of the University's strongest faculty for a challenging and rewarding educational experience.

The Proudian Program is designed for up to twelve talented students in each graduating class who wish to explore interdisciplinary learning.

The program was founded in 1977 with a contribution by Andrew and Sallee Proudian to honor Mr. Proudian's father, Vahe. Over a number of years we have developed the program specifically for the Redlands campus using the following assumptions:

  • An interdisciplinary approach to questions is more fruitful than traditional disciplinary inquiries

  • Some of the very best learning takes place in small seminars with talented, highly motivated students and faculty

  • International study is an invaluable part of undergraduate education


For more information, please contact:

Kathy Feeley, Proudian Program Director
Gannett Center #7


Co-Program Assistants/Scholars

Michael Esquejo '21 at


Dominick Sullivan '21 at