Dr. Bryce Ryan


Dr. Bryce Ryan conducts research aimed at improving human health.  The Mouse Behavior Laboratory he established at the University of Redlands uses rodents to model certain autistic-like behaviors.  To do this, the lab tracks the developmental time course of the mice from birth to adulthood and determines the presence of autistic-like behaviors such as motor stereotypies or low sociability.  Our lab employs state-of-the-art video tracking systems and computerized behavioral scoring to assist our data collection, which is conducted entirely by undergraduates at the University.  Current work in the lab is focused on testing potential treatments and novel therapeutics in our mice.

 Recent Publications

 * University of Redlands undergraduate student

      JM Steinbach*, ET Garza*, BC Ryan (2016).  Novel object exploration as a
      potential assay for higher order repetitive behaviors in mice.  Journal of 
      Visualized Experiments.  114:e54324. doi:10.3791/54324.

     MG Blick*, BH Puchalski*, VJ Bolanos*, KM Wolfe*, MC Green*, BC Ryan (2015).
     Novel   object exploration in the C58/J mouse model of autistic-like
     behavior.  Behavioural Brain Research.  282:54-60.

     BC Ryan, NB Young, JN Crawley, JW Bodfish, SS Moy (2010).  Social deficits, 
     stereotypies, and early emergence of repetitive behavior in the C58/J
     inbred mouse strain.  Behavioural Brain Research.  208:178-188. 
     BC Ryan, NB Young, SS Moy, JN Crawley (2008).  Olfactory cues are sufficient to
     elicit social approach behaviors but not social transmission of food 
     preference in C57BL/6J mice.  Behavioural Brain Research.  193:235-242.