Bachelor of Art Requirements

Students who are not planning post-graduate work in biology may wish to consider the bachelor of arts in biology combined with a major or minor in another discipline. To receive a B.A. degree, the student must complete:

BIOL 200 Principles of Biology: Unity and Diversity
BIOL 201 Principles of Biology II: Molecular/Cellular Biology and Genetics
BIOL 238 Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
BIOL 239 Molecular Genetics and Heredity
CHEM 131 General Chemistry
CHEM 132 General Chemistry
CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 232 Organic Chemistry

Choose one of the following:

PHYS 220 Fundamentals of Physics I
PHYS 231 General Physics I
MATH 111 Elementary Statistics with Applications
PSYC 250 Statistical Methods
POLI 202 Statistical Analysis and Mapping of Social Science Data


Three additional courses from: BIOL 250–BIOL 360 (except BIOL 341), EVST 225, EVST 283, EVST 343, of which a minimum of two must include a significant laboratory or field component, by contract with department faculty.

Additional Requirements

BIOL 394 Junior Seminar
BIOL 495 Senior Seminar
BIOL 496 Senior Seminar
Completion of Senior Seminar Capstone project