Penny McElroy

Artist’s Statement

Liminal spaces and narratives reoccur in the work that I make. Uncertain gravity, flickering shadows of sound,unsettling figures bracketing paradise, something about to happen, or its surreal aftermath - these are ideas and images that contain their own logic, and puzzling out that logic captivates me. I seek to mine the unconscious, where all minds meet, and create images that express something of that very human connection.

I conjure the magic of Red-Green-Blue to tell my stories. For me, the vibrating pixels of light are like fairy dust - able to transport and transform. And then the question becomes how to translate that light magic into surface magic. Some might say “Why bother? Just let them be digital images.” Yet for this old printmaker, making a physical object holds a special place in my practice heart. So this time, prints on glass. Let me know what you think.