Tommi Cahill

This selection of photographs is my celebration of the unique, organic communities in which many of us have discovered solace during the course of recent events. We find ourselves overwhelmed by what cannot inherently be controlled but there is delight and goodness in a tactical disengagement from the virtual world. This series reevaluates the more tangible experiences of kinship and celebrates the experience of spending time with people that bring about solace and calm. 

The means by which these pictures were made also contemplates the notion of digital vs. analog. Although the images themselves were made using a digital camera, the exposures were then converted to a digital negative and printed by hand on coated cyanotype paper. The sun and/or ultraviolet light was then used to make the final image come forward. The exposed papers were then toned in black tea; This process is not an exact science and the outcomes can offer wildly different results from one print to the next, thus making it impossible to precisely duplicate any one process. As such, producing these prints is as unique and personal as the beloved experiences and people portrayed in this series.