The relationship between the Johnston Center and the University

As a Johnston student, you are a member of the College of Arts and Sciences the University of Redlands, and therefore also a CAS student. We think that you have the best of both worlds. You share a common faculty and many common facilities with all the other residential students. What sets you apart from them? You have chosen a different academic process to achieve your education and degree, and you have agreed to membership in a distinctive living-learning community.

As a Johnston student, you come under most of the regulations that affect all students on campus. Guidelines for student conduct are the same across the University, whether you live in the Johnston Complex or elsewhere on the campus. Registration and deadlines, the academic calendar, facility use, and so forth, apply equally to Johnston and non-Johnston students. Johnston students have been senators in the Associated Students of the University of Redlands (ASUR), and six: Johnstonians have served as presidents of ASUR. When you graduate, you receive a diploma which reads, "The University of Redlands, Johnston Center."

"I came to Johnston as if it was an al!-you-can-eat buffet and my stomach was a bottomless pit. I wanted to do everything, know everything, and be an expert at everything. I escaped the ideological traps of seeing the university as a controlling institution to be manipulated; I instead saw it as an opportunity to do anything and everything that appealed to me. When I ran into conflict with the system', it made more sense to use the resources I had to work out a compromise than it did to complain. I learned to use what I had to build the education and life that I wanted. I do well because I want to work and learn."
-Emily Wick, JC class of 2000