Part One: Getting in

"How could I not come to Johnston? ''Johnston has taught me how to question: what I do, why I do, how I can"
-Claudia McCabe, JC class of 2002

There are two ways of becoming a Johnston Center student. First, if you are presently not enrolled at the University, and are applying to Redlands for admission, you need to fill out the regular application and the Johnston supplement. In your communication with the University of Redlands Admissions Office, it is important to indicate that you are interested specifically in Johnston. Once applications have been submitted to the Admissions Office, the Admission staff and Director of the Johnston Center will review your application and make a decision. Before you make your decision, we strongly urge you to visit the campus, spend some time at the Center talking with students, and arrange for an interview with the Admissions Office. It's the best way for you to judge whether this is the right option for your education.

If you are presently a University student, the procedure for entering Johnston is similar. We schedule introductory meetings concerning Johnston twice a semester. Call the Johnston Center office to find out the date of the next meeting . If you are still interested after this initial discussion of Johnston, make an appointment with the Director of the Center whose office is in Bekins Hall. When s/he becomes acquainted with your academic background, interests, and goals, the Director can tell you whether she thinks you would benefit by being a Johnston student. If things seem right to both you and the Director, s/he will ask you to write the Johnston supplement, and work on a graduation contract with a faculty advisor. We also urge you to spend time on complex and be interviewed by the Community Coordinator.

When you and your advisor are ready, we schedule a graduation contract for you.

If the committee and you successfully negotiate a contract, we ask you to fill out a "Declaration of Intent" form. Your status as a Johnston student does not mark any major change of status; you are still a University of Redlands student. What the declaration means is that you plan to get your degree from the University of Redlands by using the Johnston Center process, principally the Graduation Contract (see Part II). In the event that you change your mind, just let the Registrar and the Johnston Director know that you no longer want to be considered a Johnston student.