Cross-listed and departmental course offerings

Each semester, many classes are listed in the departmental sections the University's class schedule as "OPEN FOR CONTRACT AND EVALUATION". A course thus "cross-listed" indicates that the faculty person is especially receptive to having Johnston students in class and is willing to hear student proposals for changes in the syllabus (for a contract) and to write narrative evaluations. If a course is not cross listed on the Schedule of Classes, a faculty member may still be willing to write you an evaluation. You must take the initiative and ask the faculty member on the first day of class. If he or she says "yes," then you need to get the signature of the professor on a "course change" (also known as an add-drop) slip indicating that you wish to change your registration and receive an evaluation. This must be turned in prior to the publicized deadline. Finally, and most importantly, you must write a contract for the course.