Referral Stories

Anthony Beal

Anthony Beal - Riverside.jpg

Work experience: Right now, I have been working in operations in the mortgage industry. I am currently a funder and looking to obtain a funding manager position with my newly obtained MBA.

Who referred you? I was referred to Redlands when Megan Gauger came to RCC Norco and did a presentation on the Redlands business program they offered at the Riverside campus.

Why and how did you make the decision to pursue your MBA? After completing my undergrad my good friends Tawny and Carissa convinced me to keep going and to join the MBA program. I thought about it for a month and decided to come back and further my education.

What was your experience like in the degree program? My experience in both programs were outstanding and enjoyable. The reason being is that once you have a couple classes completed you become familiar with the class peers. It made it very comfortable to approach peers and easier to work with on class projects and presentations.

How have you benefited from the program in your career? I benefited from the program by being now eligible for a higher management position within my company.

Favorite moment during the program? My favorite moment would have to be submitted my last essay for my ethics class. Knowing that I have accomplished my goal and no longer having to write any more papers was glorious.

Favorite instructor? Even though almost every instructor was amazing the best one I had was Marian Reiff. He had an amazing personality and made class very enjoyable. The fact that he comes to America for the summer and returns home to Europe I found interesting. He cared about the students learning the material and helped tremendously.

Carissa Epperson

300_CarissaEpperson.jpgWork experience? I have been working since I was about 15 years old. My first job was at an oil company that my mom was the Chief Financial Officer for. I worked on administrative duties and helped various departments with special projects. During my time at this job, I learned to be organized and time conscious. Some of the tasks consisted of receptionist type duties such as filing and data entry, to accounting duties such as balancing cash receipts and check deposits. Although I was young and was not sure what I wanted to do for a career, I realized that I was interested in business no matter what the industry. A couple of years later I worked for a short time as a cashier at little Caesar’s. Not a typical job I would choose, but it was a job and I needed one. Fast forward about a year later, I began as a courtesy clerk for Stater Bros Markets. I have always been a pretty social person, but these two jobs helped me develop skills for dealing with customers directly in a professional setting. In 2014, I decided I no longer wanted to work retail, so I picked up the phone and contacted the staffing agency Riverside Personnel. They helped get me an interview with a manufacturing company which I have now been with for five and a half years.

Who referred you? When I was looking into universities to transfer to for my undergraduate degree, my boyfriend at the time, now fiancé Derek Smith referred me. Although I had come to a consultation a couple of years prior to meeting him, I was nowhere near being done with my credits to qualify me to transfer or mentally prepared to take that leap. He was about a year into his undergraduate program when I finally decided to apply. He knew I was looking for a private school that was near by and worked with my schedule. University of Redlands checked all those boxes immediately! Two and a half years later I thought I was done, but I was not. My now friend Tawny Elizondo who I met through the undergraduate program referred me to join her in the MBA program.

Person you referred? Anthony Beale is who I referred for the MBA program.

Why and how did you make the decision to pursue your MBA? There are multiple reasons why I decided to further my education and pursue the MBA program. Growing up my parents have told me that one of the most important things to get is an education. Although I may not have everything in the world, my education is something that I will always have, and it cannot be taken away from me. Both, my mom and dad have master’s degrees and have been extremely successful in their careers. They explained to me repeatedly that they most likely would not have had the opportunities they did without it. In addition to that, opportunity for advancement in my current organization or possible organizations in the future if I decide to pursue something else is something that pushed my decision. Furthermore, the experience and amazing people I met along the way is probably one of the bigger and unexpected reasons I decided to pursue the MBA. Another factor that played a part in my decision was that for the first time, the university was offering the program at a discounted rate. As a college student with loans already, this was a great incentive.

What was your experience like in the degree program? Both the undergraduate and graduate programs were amazing. When I started my undergraduate program with U of R, I was a little nervous because I had done independent study/online classes since my sophomore year of high school. This was my first time back in a classroom since then and I did not know what to expect. Without knowing it my friend of about eight years, Anthony Beale started the undergraduate program and was in the same cohort as me. Immediately within the first two classes I started to feel more comfortable. As most of the classes required group projects, Anthony, Tawny, and I became a group. We quickly learned what each of our strengths were and benefited by delegating the work to the appropriate member of the team.

How have you benefited from the program in your career? In 2014 I began as the receptionist for a manufacturing company I am still currently working for. When I first started, I mentioned that I was interested in finding a job where I can grow and potentially move up within the company. I had talked about my interest in transferring to the University of Redlands where I would be getting my bachelor’s degree in business. In the last five and half years I have held 5 positions within the company. Starting as the receptionist while I was in the bachelor’s program, I was promoted to customer service representative and then to inside sales. The vice president had talked about a possible management position in the future and at the time I had let him know my plan to further my education and pursue my MBA. Shortly after beginning the program, I was promoted once again to customer service supervisor and just recently shortly before completing my MBA degree, I was promoted to customer service manager which is my current position. I know that now having both degrees, my opportunities are endless.

Favorite moment during the program? I’d have to say walking in the commencement ceremony with my cohort after completing my bachelor’s degree has was my favorite part. By the end of the program, these people are not just your classmates, but your friends and I couldn’t have done it without them. I am looking forward to the postponed commencement ceremony for my MBA, and I’d think that will be my new “favorite” moment.

Favorite instructor? My absolute favorite teacher that I have recommended to anyone I know at U of R was Eva Rose who taught my Ethics class in the MBA program.

Casey (Sylvester) Daniel '99 '20

Casey Daniel - Rancho.pngWork experience: 2008 to 2008 - Veterinary Pet Insurance (Sr. Events Planner), 2009 to 2014 Kaiser Permanente (Project Manager), 2014-2016 Stay at Home Mom, 2016-present - Inland Empire Health Plan (Special Programs Manager)

Who referred you? I referred Melinda Casillas and Vincent Gonzalez - both work with me at IEHP. We decided to do the program together to hold each other accountable and for support.

Why and how did you make the decision to pursue your MBA? My plan was always to pursue a Master's degree. Unfortunately, life got in the way (my father passed away my sophomore year of college, I graduated, but my heart wasn't in school at that point). I had been looking at different degree programs - Communicative Disorders, Occupational Therapy, etc. Thomas Horan sent an email to U of R alums regarding the MSOL program. I did the research, asked questions and knew it was the program for me. Many companies have managers, but they don't have leaders. I looked at this program as way to elevate myself, as well as a way to elevate the company I work for. I want to lead, not just manage. 

What was your experience like in the degree program? I truly believe everyone, no matter their position would gain something from this program. The program has shown me strengths I didn't know I had, as well as helped to identify and work on areas that may have been weaker. I am able to better identify types of leadership style/leaders and am able to communicate/negotiate/ persuade them better with the knowledge I have gained. The professors are amazing. They truly care about the students and make the coursework interesting.

How have you benefited from the program in your career? I now know exactly what type of leader I am - what the strengths and weaknesses of that leadership style are. I know the type of leader I do not want to be. I am a project manager, my entire job has to do with communication, negotiation and persuasion - this program has provided new tools, ways of thinking to do my job. 

Favorite moment during the program? In our HR Management class, the realization that our professor truly cared about us. One of the students discussed an HR situation she was currently dealing with, the passion with which our professor responded reminded me not only of why I chose Redlands as an undergrad, but why this was where I wanted to complete my masters as well.

Favorite instructor? All of the professors I have had thus far have been great, which makes choosing one hard. However, my favorite has been Bai Bing. Not only did she keep everyone interested, but she truly cares about each of her students!

On a side note: I don't know if any of this matters - however, I'm a 4th generation graduate of the U of R. My Great Great Grandfather was on the original Board of Trustees (Merriam), My Great Grandfather graduated from Redlands and replaced him on the Board (Merriam) . My grandparents met at the U of R (Merriam-Barkemeyer) -  (my grandfather was the 1st person to graduate having used the GI Bill at Redlands - Barkemeyer) and my dad graduated from Redlands (Sylvester) - I did NOT want to go here. However, my grandfather asked me to take a tour of the campus (knowing I'd love it). As soon as I set foot on the campus I knew this was where I wanted to go.  

Christopher Golden


Work experience: I have spent my career working for The Salvation Army in various levels of executive leadership including serving as Executive Director in our centers in Long Beach, Inglewood, and Bell, California as well in Portland, Oregon. I have also worked as a Foster Youth and Leadership Advocate for California Youth Connections in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Person you were referred by? I was referred to U of R by a former employee who shared their own experience with me.

Why and how did you make the decision to pursue your MBA? Truth be told, I got sick. I am dealing with Stage 5 Renal Failure and need to have a kidney transplant. I took medical leave from my employer and was sitting around at home doing nothing and became very bored, very quickly. I didn’t know what to do with myself but I knew I needed to be doing something productive with my time. Insert the MBA program at U of R South Coast Metro Campus. I had started 2 Masters’ Degree programs before, one in Leadership and Church Management at Vanguard University and a MBA program online at Grand Canyon University. My program at Vanguard University was going well in the beginning, but I allowed life to get in the way with work, travel and a toddler at home. With the program at Grand Canyon University, I simply wasn’t disciplined enough to do a program online and I wanted to be in the presence of others, sharing experiences, and simply being among others traveling the same journey.

What was your experience like in the degree program? For me, it is always good to be in a setting with fellow changemakers. I have always loved interacting with those from different fields to understand how to better people working in those settings, how I can conduct business in those settings, and how to best enhance my own operations from the knowledge of people in those settings. The U of R experience has provide me that experience from the fellow change makers to the faculty who work currently, or have a vast knowledge of industry. That makes the Bulldogs experience.

How have you benefited from the program in your career? I have benefited in a few ways.

  1. I have opened my horizons a bit more and in addition to non-profit work including being a consultant to many non-profits, I have also looked about my use in government work. I have done some consulting for Clerk of the Board for the County of Orange as well as securing a part-time job is the United States Department of Commerce. 
  2. I (along with my best friend of 35 years) are in the process of starting a non-profit adaptive sports program for disabled individuals in Northern California.
  3. The knowledge I have gained has served me well in many new ventures and experiences.

Favorite moment during the program? A favorite moment during the program was walking into class one night and seeing Professor Owen Lu again. He was the first professor I had in the MBA program and I needed so much help with that class and to have him again was just going to be pure torture. But, we had a good laugh as I walked into class as it was an acknowledgment of our previous relationship.

Favorite instructor? There are a few, but I would say off the top of my head, I really enjoyed working with, understanding, and being taught by Professor Gemma George. To me, she was my mother for all intents and purposes. A strong professional African-American woman who didn’t take any nonsense and was tough. Yet, she had a very compassionate side and that compassion was evident in her teaching style. She is simply one of the best.

Collin Lievense


Work experience: During and after my undergraduate classes at CSUN, I worked my way up in a small Solar Panel company. I started as an intern and ascended to residential sales manager. After a several years in Solar I moved on to Aerospace working at NASAs JPL. I’ve worked in several different roles in my 7 years at JPL.

Who referred you? When I started at JPL, a Co-Worked, Daniel Belter (Redlands MBA Alumni), spoke highly of the courses. I began talking with Pam shortly thereafter to forward plan my MBA. In doing so, several co-workers joined my cohort alongside me. Bryan Kobie, Alex Deisler, and Tim Ingelson. We all worked closely together during our MBA, which made it fun and more rewarding.

Why and how did you make the decision to pursue your MBA? A big part was that JPL offered tuition reimbursement and had a “partnership” with Redlands. We attended classes at the Caltech campus which was less 10 minutes from my office. I had just completed several other goals (EMT, Reserve Sheriff’s Academy, and Mountain Rescue School) with some newly acquired free time I was well suited to take on the added challenge of getting my MBA.  Most importantly, I wanted to learn. I have always been intrigued with business practices, management techniques, and entrepreneurship. I knew this program would provide me with new skills and knowledge to be better in my current field, and open up new doors.

What was your experience like in the degree program? I truly enjoyed most of the class material and teachers. Some subjects added challenges which made life interesting. Getting to have the same cohorts throughout the program was very special. I was able to build strong bonds with classmates as we worked on class work together.

How have you benefited from the program in your career? While taking my MBA I switched roles at JPL. It was amazing the links I could find in class and in my new role. Shortly after graduating, I applied for and obtained a promotion into a new role with added responsibilities. I don’t believe I would have had that opportunity as soon as I did without the MBA to my name.

Favorite moment during the program? Capstone project. During capstone we were grouped up and played a virtual business simulation.  We worked as a team and competed against other class members. This capstone project not only solidified many of the theories and functions we learned during our MBA, but it brought our team closer together. My team even had get-togethers to perform our simulations at each other’s houses (pizza and drinks included). We would laugh, have a great time, and it felt like we were turning the dials of a real business.

Who was your favorite instructor? Kevin Rice – Finance. Kevin was able to bridge the gap between theory, textbooks, and real life. He brought real world knowledge and adapted them to scenarios for class. Kevin provided his own handouts that simplified finance and emphasized core concepts rather than memorization of formulas (though there is certainly some of that). I have stayed in touch with Kevin as a mentor.

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez - Redlands.jpg

Work experience: I have worked different jobs throughout my work career. When I was younger I would do landscaping with my friends dad every other weekend. When I was in high school I worked with my mom in her house cleaning business on the weekends too throughout my high school career (2010-2014) after that I was a busboy at the local Mexican restaurant where I was able to develop my customer service skills as well. After leaving the restaurant I worked with my oldest brother in his carpet cleaning business while attending the community college I was also attending full time. I also worked as a busboy in another Mexican restaurant that is in town where I live but only worked there on the weekends. Before graduating from my CC I was employed and still currently employed for Aldi Inc. in 2016. All of these positions I have worked only as an associate with the exception of my brothers business where I was his right hand man as well as managing seven other employees.

Who referred you? My oldest sister Guadalupe Rodriguez was the one who referred me to the University of Redlands

Why and how did you make the decision to pursue your MBA? To be frank, at the beginning I had no real reason why I wanted to pursue my BS. A lot of it had to do with external factors that were not school related however I still found the strength to go to school every day without really knowing why. It was until my sister had mentioned to me that Aldi has a good District Manager program but it is only opened to those with a degree in anything. After looking into it I saw that I could benefit from being a district manager so I went on and applied to be part of the distribution team for the time being and was able to get the position. Something as small as a position was enough to give me a why to pursue my degree. However, a huge part of me staying in school is my oldest sister. She is the one who was actively pushing me to keep going knowing that every day I wanted to drop out. 100 percent of the credit goes to her as another reason as to why. Moving forward, some of the why as well was my coworkers and the moms at work that supported me from the start as well. Even while being in my undergrad I was always told, “don’t stop, I am 35 years old and regret not going to school. You can do it.” It was always some type of variation that was along those lines. So I had more than one person who kept giving me a why to finish my degree. Much of my work is dedicated to them as well as my family. As far as my MBA goes I was really stuck on whether or not to pursue it. I think a lot of us, as students get frustrated and do not want to keep dealing with school but it came down to the amount of time I have and what I can use my MBA for. In the end I chose to do my MBA at the university of Redlands because of the positive experience I had during my undergrad. I was really satisfied with the type of structure the program is set up as well as the instructors who teach the courses. I believe that I would be getting better knowledge with the University of Redlands.  I also chose University of Redlands because aside from the structure it still allowed me to work full time and go to school full time which was also a huge bonus for me and also Liz Villegas and Perla Ramos made it a simple process for me to be involved into the MBA program. A lot of credit also goes out to those two wonderful ladies.

What was your experience like in the degree program? My experience with the program has been nothing but positive. The instructors and professors are knowledgeable in the field that they reside in. I have always learned something new from each instructor/professor. Although it is a shorter class time which is 8 weeks I still believe that they are able to get the important information across given that it is less than 10 weeks like other universities have. Coming into Redlands for my undergrad I was not sure what to expect but I can assure you that I am happy to have made the decision to attend the University of Redlands.

How have you benefited from the program in your career? I have benefited from my program in the way that I have a better understanding of how business works. I understand that that may seem like something small and unimportant but it really has opened up my eyes on why small businesses make the decisions they do as well as why big corporations make the decisions they do. It has opened my mind significantly as to why. I think that that is the question everyone asks when talking about business.

Favorite moment during the program? I have endless moments that I experienced at the university so it is difficult to say which one is my favorite. The amount of memories I made in class and outside of class are defiantly some of my favorite moments. Everything from having deep discussions in class to the involvement of the inter-mural activities that the school has as well. Endless memories were made at the university.

Who was your favorite instructor? I would have to say that every professor/instructor was my favorite. Each individual was different in their own unique way. Some more serious than others but I understood why they were a bit more serious which is crazy to say but I get it. Some instructors were more adventurous in their approach of their curriculum and honestly I was all for it. The university employs intelligent individuals and I feel that they have a diverse group of people who take the time to teach their subjects.

John Garcia


Work experience: Management person at UPS for 30+ years.

Who did you refer? I have referred two colleagues who have since graduated; Jeremy Garcia, and Nick Spezialy.

Why and how did you make the decision to pursue your MBA? The decision to attain my M.A. in Management was to create separation from the competition at work and it also marked the beginning of my exit strategy from UPS. I am eligible for retirement in less than 3 years and I am looking for a teaching/counseling position after UPS. My M.S. in MSOL was completed for a couple of reasons; it allowed me the opportunity to go to school with my friend and colleague Nick Spezialy. It strengthened my resume when it comes time to apply for a teaching job at the community college level. Attaining both degrees while working long hours as a salaried management person at UPS provided a challenge that would be very hard to accomplish. The accomplishments came with sacrifice and discipline. I feel a responsibility to my race as a Mexican-American to take full advantage of the opportunities that are presented, I feel a responsibility to management people that report to me to be able to teach them leadership skills, organizational skills, and emotional intelligence, and finally, it is very important to me that I am a positive example to my Godchildren, nieces, nephews, and anyone else that I can be a positive influence for.

What was your experience like in the degree program? I enjoyed my time at the University of Redlands. I would and will continue to recommend anyone interested.

How have you benefited from the program in your career? Achieving two masters degrees from the University of Redlands has validated the fact that I have become a disciplined individual when it comes to completing difficult tasks with timelines. It has validated the fact if a person is willing to sacrifice and become disciplined, any goal can be accomplished.

Favorite moment during the program? My favorite moment was walking across the stage and receiving my diploma in front of my father. There was tears of joy and smile that couldn't be wiped off his face.

Favorite instructor? Although there were many professors who could be picked as a favorite, I would have to go with Tracy Lynn West, Ph.D. Dr. West came to each class excited to teach, and had an agenda that was well thought out and always timely and on point for the topic of the week the class would be reviewing. Dr. West is obviously a forward thinker and cares deeply about her students.

Nam Pham


First of all, I want to briefly introduce my background. I’m currently a full-time international student at University of Redlands and in progress to completing my MBA program at the Orange County (SCM) campus. After graduating from high school in Vietnam, I went to study abroad and earned my bachelor degree of Business Administration from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan. After that, I went back to Vietnam and started my own businesses in the Food and Beverage industry, however, they did not last that long. Because of that, I decided to continue my study in the United States and found myself in CSULB’s MBA Preparation course in 2018.

During that time, I was seeking an institution for my MBA program and I got to know about the University of Redlands through an MBA Fair. I was very impressed with the presentation about the MBA program and I also got supported with valuable information on admissions statistics, student life, and career outcomes. Moreover, I got my opportunity to meet the recruiter from the school and ask deeper questions about culture, admissions criteria, and other subjective topics. I realized that the university’s flexible program, stellar reputation, and financial assistance were completely suitable for me, so I decided to join the MBA Accelerated Program.

My experience in the Program was so far incredible. Since the applying process, I have received a huge support from Robert Acosta with my paperwork. During classes, I found the balance between theory and practice through fieldwork assignments incorporated into classes. Moreover, all professors are very knowledgeable and are able to transfer all the course materials for us through lectures and in-class activity. The class sizes are small and designed so no student gets left behind in the learning process. The professors know who you are and they do what they can to help you learn efficiently. Last but not least, the UR Bulldog community is very active and friendly for all students. I’m very impressed with how Administrative Services and Staff are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, very professional. All online classes I have studied were held carefully and supportively.

Having satisfied myself with my study at the University of Redlands, I wanted to share the same experiences for my friends. Therefore I have referred around six people to join with me and three of them (Mia, Jake, and Yara) have made it to Orange County (SCM) campus. They are my old classmates from the CSULB’s MBA Preparation course so I know that we had the same goal seeking for an appropriate MBA program. I hope the MBA program can help us enhance our career opportunities, receive increased compensation, job promotions, and can provide the skills and knowledge necessary to start a new business.

Richard Kennedy

Richard Kennedy - San Diego.jpg

Why and how did you make the decision to pursue your MBA at the University of Redlands? After attending the University of Redlands information seminar, I stood frozen; tightly clenching the information package while that little voice inside my head kept repeating: “I have got to do this.”  While my current employer does not require an MBA for advancement, I have worked for a company that did, and I saw the value of earning an MBA to get ahead. With a Master of Science degree under my belt from years ago, I knew the MBA would provide a well-rounded resume. It would also provide a solid foundation for any entrepreneurial ventures. It is not uncommon for organizations to wonder how well a technical-based candidate understands the business aspect, and this was my opportunity. Watching the clock until quitting time, I was anxious to return home and begin the application process. After discussing the opportunity with my wife, she encouraged me to apply. We agreed that in two years I would be two years older with or without a degree, and I didn’t want to have any regrets by putting off until the next time around.

What was your experience like in the degree program? UoR offered a great experience, from the class room environment, through the capstone offerings, and all the way to graduation. It was a complete University experience even though classes were not at the main campus. My classes were offered at my workplace, and my fellow students were work colleagues. Nevertheless, I didn’t know everyone in the class so I made an effort to speak to each student as they walked into the room. By breaking the ice early, the entire class shared openly. We had great discussion and wonderful small team sessions. Everyone pulled together to hold study groups and to help the entire class progress as a team. I am not sure where the time went as it was over before I knew it. As we lined-up at the Redlands campus to walk across the commencement stage, it was honor to have worked with each and every student and teacher to complete the MBA.

How have you benefited from the program in your career? After graduating, my company recognized the achievement and provided a promotion. In addition, my wife translates documents from Chinese to English for a law firm, and I help her from time to time. The MBA education has been invaluable in providing assistance to her.

Favorite moment during the program? There were so many great moments in the program, but I would have to say that my favorite moment was during the capstone. I had chosen to work with a local company on a week-long project to help them solve a particular issue. After reading the class text on consulting, and working through the project with several other Redland’s students from other campuses, we presented our solution. It was warmly received, but the feeling of success came a few months later that they had implemented our solution with positive results. This is where the rubber meet the road as education is put into practice.   

Favorite instructor? We have had many wonderful instructors during the course of program, and each one has left a positive, indelible memory. Of all the instructors, I recall a very energetic Ethics instructor who created a great class experience. After the class ended, I was wishing for more. The instruction and class discussions provided a great foundation to carry topics back to the workplace and to put them into practice. Over the years I have shared lessons learned with colleagues, family, and friends.

Tawny Elizondo


Work experience: I have worked in many different areas, all within administrative roles. I started as an assistant manager at 19 years old, I worked in Orange County for a company called Select Data, Inc. I remember feeling SO honored because I started there and had a lead and above her was our supervisor. I did so well that a position, assistant supervisor, was created for me so as not to remove the current lead from her role (I was shocked!). I moved on to work for the state of California, at Inland Regional Center where within 14-months I was running two departments and had more staff than all other administrative supervisors and I was only 23 years old while they were in their 40's or older, it was humbling to say the least!). As I continued on with my career, I remained in administrative leadership roles; office manager, fund development, payroll supervisor and so on. I found my niche when I began working with small businesses and start-ups. I love having an ever changing position within an organization that is always looking for change, I thrive there and it's where I've been since 2016!

Who referred you? I was not referred, per se, but my mom had a cousin who many moons ago went to and eventually taught at the University of Redlands. I remember talking to her when I was young, maybe 10 or 12 years old, and she told me about The Whitehead Leadership Society and showed me the campus, and I always dreamed of being a member of this elite group of collegiate superstars (and I AM!).

Why and how did you make the decision to pursue your MBA? I always knew I would. I've wanted my MBA for as long as I could remember, and I knew someday I would get it, regardless of how long it took. There's just something about having a Masters Degree, it's an intrinsic reward that I wanted, and now I have it! (No, you may not have it back, lol)!!!

What was your experience like in the degree program? This was by far, the most intense and rewarding time of my life. I wouldn't change any of the late night study sessions, hives from stress over a paper, the 20 pounds gained from drinking more Starbucks than anyone person should just to "treat myself" for staying the course every week, lol. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't even have to think about it, YES! 100 times YES! Sign me up!

How have you benefited from the program in your career? Absolutely! In more than just the standard "I can demand more because I have an MBA" which will take me time to fully grasp, but I did ask for a $10/hour raise with a client, and they didn't bat an eye (#powerofthemba). It has made me feel like whatever I do now, I am giving expertise, like I can go into a situation and apply what I've learned at Redlands University, with my years of experience, and truly change processes and achieve different outcomes, all for the better. Above the title after my name, it makes me FEEL more accomplished, and that's something no one can ever take away from me.

Favorite moment during the program?

WOW, lol, so many moments! In truth, nothing beats some of the people I met along the way in my cohort, even the ones that drove me a little insane during class projects! I am grateful for the experience and I honestly miss getting together with my classmates. I thought once I was done it would be nothing but relief and next steps, which it is, lol, but it's also really sad to leave people I spent more time with than most of my closest family and friends, for FOUR years. Every week, no fail, Wednesdays from 6-10 undergrad, Monday's 6-10 graduate...and now they're gone. These people stick with you, they know EXACTLY what it took for you to be where you are, and you'll miss your weekly "hangouts" and LILY!!!! I miss LILY dearly, but I will visit her again!

Favorite instructor? I loved a LOT of my teachers for many different reasons, picking one is difficult. I would say it's a tie between Professor Johannes Moenius and Professor Bing Bai! I could see hanging out with each of them and having the best conversations and great laughs! <3

William Chesnutt

William Chesnutt - Temecula.jpg

I am a Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps stationed on Camp Pendleton. I was referred by Wayne Roseberry who was my instructor while earning my Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma. I had long wanted an MBA but pursued another Masters in Organizational Leadership first. When Wayne told me about the program at the University of Redlands, I knew it was the program for me. The main factor that made it a for sure thing was that it is accredited at the same level as Ivy League universities. My experience in the program has been amazing. I have made a lot of work connections and friendships even though I did not follow the traditional cohort path. The program has allowed me to better my clients when I volunteer as a small business mentor for the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) and I know it will allow me to be very successful as I retire from the Marine Corps next year.

My favorite professors were Brian Kurbjeweit, Claude Ognibene, and Corey Manchester. Professor Kurbjeweit’s passion for Business, Ethics, and Society made the class very enjoyable and enlightening. Professor Ognibene’s knowledge on accounting and finance have been instrumental in my success in subsequent classes on similar subjects. Professor Manchester’s knowledge and passion for statistics made Data-Driven Decision Making an enjoyable class. Last, I would like to thank the members of the University of Redlands Temecula Campus for their guidance and dialogue, without which I would not be completing my 24-month MBA in 14 months.