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For more than 40 years, the University of Redlands School of Business & Society has been proud to support our nation's military servicemembers, veterans, and spouses & dependents by offering affordable, accredited, and high-quality degree programs in business, leadership, and analytics.

Military & Veterans

Get a head start on your civilian career.

Our business degree programs prepare students with the skills needed to succeed and to make a difference in a changing world. We achieve this by:

  • Focusing on 21st century business skills that blend real-world practice, highly sought-after analytical and technical expertise, and management and communication skills highly desired by employers.
  • Integrating elements of business and society into curriculum and coursework, such as ethics, corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and purposeful leadership.
  • Creating numerous opportunities to deepen the business learning experience through specialized concentrations, capstone consultancy projects, and study abroad programs.

Bachelor's Degree Program

Bachelor of Science in Business

The Bachelor of Science in Business goes beyond the traditional administration or management education to enhance the effectiveness of business professionals by linking their experiences with theories taught in the modern classroom.

With the Bachelor of Science in Business degree completion program at the Redlands School of Business you will:

  • Learn how to apply business concepts like strategic planning, operations management, and human resource development to identify and solve business problems across different industries
  • Gain the foundational knowledge of accounting, economics, finance, business analytics, marketing, and communications
  • Empower yourself with 21st century business skills and insights into ethical and data-driven decision-making, business and geographic information systems (GIS), and a global perspective on how organizations thrive
  • Possess measurable skills including an understanding of core business disciplines and the ability to analyze an industry effectively
  • Have the confidence to address organizational challenges, the ability to make decisions using a wide range of perspectives and new opportunities to positively impact businesses and society.

Master's Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

A Redlands MBA provides you with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities for career enhancement that you need to succeed. More than that, we develop confident and innovative leaders to tackle the most complex business challenges in a changing world.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree:

  • Prepares you for business leadership by providing you with 21st century business skills to help you tackle the financial, organizational, human resources, strategy, and ethical challenges of today’s technology-driven, complex global business environment
  • Features intimate class sizes, which foster a collaborative learning environment that emulates the camaraderie, diverse discussions, and teamwork of a professional environment
  • Ensures that you gain real-world experience with numerous hands-on and collaborative projects as well as access to corporate partnerships with prominent private, public, and nonprofit organizations
  • Offers you access to unique and innovative MBA concentrations like Location Analytics and through our Spatial Business Initiative partnership with Esri, the global leader in location analytics and geographic information systems (GIS)

Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)

In a data-driven economy, harnessing the power of business analytics can help you create meaningful insights and make strategic, ethical decisions that will enhance your organization and your career.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics:

  • Focuses on specialized areas of business analytics, with an emphasis on information, statistics, big data, predictive and prescriptive analysis, and emerging technologies
  • Provides a distinctive blend of business courses as well as training in geographic information systems (GIS), management information systems (MIS), information technology (IT), and analytics so you benefit from a holistic approach to this business discipline
  • Connects you with the benefits of our Spatial Business Initiative, a partnership with GIS and global mapping industry leader Esri, that provides you with valuable location analytics expertise and industry connections
  • Allows you to gain important technical skills in business intelligence and big data analysis as well as complementary skills such as business communications, leadership, and ethics

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Today’s organizations have multifaceted and immersive relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. With a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree from the Redlands School of Business, you’ll learn to navigate these complex relationships, make ethical decisions, and integrate the arc of personal, organizational, and societal influences to lay the foundation for success.

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree:

  • Helps you gain the insights you need to effectively address issues related to organizational effectiveness and integrate organizational behavior and leadership theory to address issues related to talent management
  • Integrates ethical concepts, principles, and theories, as well as business analytics, into your approach to management so you can positively impact both your organization and society
  • Teaches you to master written, oral, and analytical expression to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders

Certificate Program

Business Location Analytics Certificate

Enhance your credentials, focus your skill set on topics like location analytics, and grow your professional network less with our Business Location Analytics Certificate. Through a partnership with the University of Redlands School of Continuing Studies, you can learn 21st-century business skills based on the latest developments and industry best practices.

With Business Location Analytics Graduate Certificate, you will:

  • Gain valuable skills in location analytics, spatial business, and geographic information systems (GIS) and enhance your business decision-making
  • Learn the power of mapping demographic trends and how to use it in visual storytelling
  • Learn how leading organizations deploy location analytics to digitally transform the enterprise, and gain customer insights, manage risk, and expand the business
  • Learn the value of collecting, visualizing, interpreting, and analyzing complex location data to aid organizational decision-making, identify new revenue streams and achieve competitive advantage
  • Learn the importance of examining and predicting business patterns and trends to derive location intelligence that can aid organizations to minimize business disruption, enhance customer experience, and ensure sustainable business growth

Maximize your education benefits.

We are a private, nonprofit, accredited university committed to supporting our nation’s military servicemembers, veterans, and their families by providing an outstanding and highly affordable business education.

  • Tuition you can afford. We are one of the few universities that match both undergraduate and graduate tuition rates with the DoD Tuition Assistance (TA) rate at $250 per credit for active-duty servicemembers, their spouses, and members of the National Guard and Selected Reserves.
  • We are a Yellow Ribbon School. Under the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, military veterans and their spouses & dependents may qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program to decrease out-of-pocket costs.
  • No application fee. We strive to make our programs accessible and affordable by eliminating as many financial barriers as we can to get you started.
  • Get credit for your military experience and education. Transfer credits can help fast-track your path to a business degree while saving you time and money to kickstart your civilian career.
  • Multiple campus locations in California. Our regional campuses are conveniently located so that military veterans and their families can take courses on-ground to fulfill requirements to receive the GI Bill® Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA).

High student satisfaction and impactful results.

Each year, our graduates tell us how their degree program and experience at the Redlands School of Business & Society has helped them grow and succeed personally and professionally.


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Why Choose the Redlands School of Business & Society?

  • We offer specialized services and personalized attention to help smooth the transition from military life to an educational environment that challenges you to take your skills to the next level.
  • We provide dedicated career counseling resources for military-affiliated students to help give you an edge in the business world.
  • We offer courses in multiple learning formats, including on-ground courses at our campus locations, online courses (asynchronous), and online live course (synchronous).
  • We are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)—premier accreditation bodies that ensures the highest quality standards in university and in business education.


WASC Senior College and University Commission


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