School of Business & Society - Undergraduate Degree Completion Planning

Undergraduate students have been assigned an Academic Advisor to work with you from time of enrollment to degree completion. For academic advising assistance and any questions regarding your academic progress and degree completion plan, please contact your Academic Advisor.

Undergraduate Student Graduation Requirements

All undergraduate students  must fulfill five basic requirements before receiving a baccalaureate degree:
  •  Completion of 120 semester credits of study, of which at least 32 credits must be earned or certified at the University of Redlands.
  •  Completion of the major program to which the student was admitted. The specific requirements are outlined in the University Catalog
  •  Satisfaction of General Education requirements consisting of a minimum of 42 semester credits, as listed under general education requirements.
  •  A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 earned for all college-level work taken at the University of Redlands.
  •  Readmitted students must meet the graduation requirements in effect at the time of re-enrollment.
For more information on the undergraduate graduation requirements and guidance on preparing your degree completion plan, please review the Undergraduate Degree Completion Planning Video Tutorial Series below.