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5 Smart Reasons To Get A Redlands MBA Online

Earning a master's degree online is becoming more and more popular among today’s working professionals.

According to a recent survey from the Graduate Management Admission Council, almost 80% of online MBA programs reported relative growth in the number of applications they received in 2020.

At the University of Redlands, we know the value our School of Business has for our remote MBA students. But is getting an MBA online worth it? Why should you study for one virtually?  Take a look at these 5 smart reasons to get your master’s degree in business online.


1. Prepare for Virtual Business

In today’s global business environment, teams connect across geographies.

This means that the majority of businesses, even pre-pandemic, rely on virtual efforts to conduct many of their day-to-day operations. In fact, based on the latest statistics from Global Workplace Analytics, there has been a 173% increase in remote work since 2005. 

An online MBA program will prepare you to succeed in remote work settings. The University of Redlands delivers an ACBSP- and WSCUC-accredited MBA online through our state-of-the-art virtual learning platform. Working in 4 concentrations alongside remote classmates and with online faculty across 8 campuses, you’ll be sure to get the experience you need to become a leading digital nomad in your industry.


2. Understand Business Technology

In order for professionals to understand the ins-and-outs of virtual business, they first need to understand the technology that facilitates it.

As of 2018, 70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy or are working on building one out. Adapting to and maximizing the use of a variety of online tools is the future of business as we know it.

Enrolling in an online MBA program at the Redlands School of Business will advance your technological aptitude. Our MBA students learn to use a wide selection of platforms and software technology to:

  • Host meetings and presentations
  • Share and edit files
  • Communicate with staff and fellow students
  • Access material from business courses
  • Submit assignments

With this practice, you’ll be able to leverage tools for communication, productivity, and project management in any business setting.


3. Develop Key 21st Century Business Skills

You don’t have to go to an in-person MBA program to develop the key skills business leaders have.

The virtual learning environment needed to get an MBA online will help you gain just as much expertise. As a quick example, earning a master’s degree online at The University of Redlands will help improve your ability to work and collaborate on a team.

Professionals in Redlands’ online program learn advanced teamwork skills through a variety of methods, including lively virtual discussions and integrated group learning during lectures. Our small class sizes of 12-15 diverse professionals and staff emphasize the team-oriented nature of professional environments. We also require an interdisciplinary capstone course, which immerses students in realistic simulations that require the use of teamwork to execute tangible business strategies and solve problems.

Graduates of our online MBA program will leave with the skillset of true 21st-century business leaders. They’ll also have completed the following objectives:

  • Think and plan strategically
  • Solve complex problems analytically and creatively
  • Communicate, negotiate, and present ideas clearly
  • Apply reason and ethical thinking to business solutions
  • Understand money and the role of finance in an organization
  • Master the multifaceted role of marketing
  • Develop an organizational construct
  • Create and manage a P&L
  • Utilize human resources best practices
  • Demonstrate a higher level of leadership to effect change
  • Maximize data to set strategy and measure results


4. Enjoy the Convenience

Compared with traditional in-person programs, an online MBA offers unmatched flexibility to enrolled students.

For example, almost half of The University of Redlands’ MBA students are married, and many more are employed full-time. The flexibility of our part-time online master’s program allows these students to easily earn their MBA in tandem with other commitments.

Remote students in Redlands’ online MBA program can access their courses at any time and at any place, have all their lectures and assignments delivered online, and begin their studies at one of 6 different start dates. The best part? Our program’s self-paced study enables students to finish in 24 months or less.


5. Save Money

Many prospective students wonder if the cost of an MBA makes getting one worth it. While working towards yours as an online student, you have the potential to save money now and in the future.

Online programs can potentially help you minimize the costs of commuting, class materials, food, and housing.

And it doesn’t end there—MBA degree-holders are more likely to earn a higher salary than colleagues who haven’t earned theirs yet.

Redlands’ students are no exception: over half of graduates from our MBA program in 2019 said they even received a promotion during the course of their studies with us.


Listen To Reason

Earning an online MBA with the University of Redlands is the next step towards advancing your career. To get started, complete this form and we’ll connect you with a Redlands online enrollment advisor.