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5 Smart Reasons to Get Your California MBA Online

You know the benefits of earning an MBA in California. But why get an MBA online? As an online MBA student, you’ll not only learn business fundamentals but also develop the hard and soft skills required in our ever-changing, technology-based world. As you ponder your options for a California MBA, consider these five reasons to earn yours online.

1. Prepare for Virtual Business

In today’s global business environment, teams collaborate across geographies. One recent study revealed that 63 percent of companies employ remote workers. That means the majority of businesses rely on virtual collaboration. Remote employment is transforming the way companies approach teamwork. It’s also redefining leadership skills. According to the 2019 Global Human Capital Trends survey, 50 percent of respondents said the “ability to manage on a remote basis” is a new need for 21st-century leaders.

An online MBA will prepare you to succeed in remote work settings, where self-discipline and clear communication is vital. The University of Redlands delivers an accredited California MBA on a state-of-the-art virtual learning platform. Students work towards the degree at their own pace. In the process, they develop organization skills and internal motivators. They also learn to master communication in leadership and teamwork situations. As an online MBA grad, you’ll have the skills to conduct business wherever the degree leads you.

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2. Understand Business Technology

In 2019, Gartner (one of the world’s leading research and advisory companies) expects worldwide IT spending to reach $3.76 trillion. As virtual business environments flourish, companies are moving money from mobile phones and PCs to cloud services and Internet of Things devices. It’s essential for business professionals to understand virtual business as well as the technology that facilitates it.

If you’re looking to earn a California MBA, enrolling in an online program will advance your technological aptitude. Universities employ a variety of platforms and software to support online teamwork and learning. Students in Redlands’ online MBA program use technology to host meetings and presentations, share and edit files, communicate, access courses, and submit assignments. They become equipped to leverage tools for communication, productivity, and project management in any business setting.

3. Become a Team Player

Every job requires collaboration. In the Global Human Capital Trends survey, approximately one in three respondents said their company carries out “most” or “almost all” work in teams.2 Now, a growing number of companies are shifting to interdisciplinary teams. Instead of employing a separate group for each business function, organizations are merging multiple functions in a single team. More than ever, business professionals must work well with others.

Students pursuing an online MBA in California have a tremendous opportunity to cultivate teamwork skills. Thanks to virtual collaboration, online MBA programs regularly integrate group learning. Students in Redlands’ program learn through a variety of methods, including lively online discussions and teamwork-focused classes. The interdisciplinary capstone course immerses students in realistic simulations that tackle the complexity of business decision-making. They use teamwork and critical thinking skills to execute tangible business strategies and solve the problem at hand. At Redlands, online MBA students learn in collaboration with diverse professionals and faculty.

4. Develop Time Management Skills

According to an analysis of LinkedIn data, time management is among the top five skills that employers seek in job candidates. It’s also one of the most valuable skills you’ll develop as an online MBA student. Online MBA programs are flexible but also require accountability. Students who pursue an online MBA in California become experts at using time effectively to accomplish their personal, professional, and academic goals.

The strategies vary by student. Some working professionals study during their lunch break or commute. Others wake up a bit early. Many online MBA students get more comfortable accepting help from family and friends and also become skilled at eliminating distractions. Planning is a universal strategy for time management. As an online MBA student, you’ll enhance your ability to organize and prioritize all the important tasks in your life.

5. Enjoy the Convenience

Convenience is another reason to earn your California MBA online. Compared with traditional programs, an online MBA offers unmatched flexibility. Students in Redlands’ program can access courses any time, any place. All lectures and coursework are delivered online and available 24/7. Redlands also offers six start dates per year, so that students can get started at their earliest convenience.

This flexibility allows students to complete the program in tandem with other commitments. Forty-three percent of Redlands’ MBA students are married, and many are employed. The self-paced study also enables students to finish in as few as 24 months or less. Along the way, they receive dedicated support from a Student Success Coach, faculty, and staff who are acutely aware of the needs of professional learners.

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