MBA Graduate Experiences

Here's what some of our MBA alumni have to say about our MBA program, and how it has empowered and advanced their careers.

"As an individual with my undergraduate degree in Biology, I had little-to-no formal business education.  The University of Redlands MBA program provided me with a comprehensive scope of knowledge to help me in my career development and broadened my future potential opportunities.

I opted for the University of Redlands MBA program because it afforded me the opportunity to attend in person courses one evening per week.  The interactions with members of my cohort were very important to me as I have tried and did not care for online learning environments in my undergraduate experiences.  These former cohort members are now friends and have gro my business network, building off the philosophy taught in one of the courses that “people and relationships” are pivotal to a successful career regardless of the field.

I highly encourage anyone interested in the MBA program to take full advantage of the study abroad program as well; it affords a unique opportunity to meet additional students and alumni in a once in a lifetime learning/travel opportunity.  I enjoyed the learning and sight-seeing so much, in fact, I joined in two additional trips as alumni, and grown my network concurrently."

Shane Kropp
Scientist, Non Clinical Development, In Vivo Sciences
MBA, 2015


“My experience at Redlands....exceeded my expectations and proved to be the best decision for my educational and career path. At the core of the MBA program was the critical thinking process, and every instructor strived to bring out the best in each of the students. Choosing to expand my business knowledge by embarking on a Study Abroad trip was the highlight of my studies. Whatever business venture I experience next and thereafter, my future is brighter, as I have the foundation of a great educational experience from a renowned learning institution in my pocket.”

Alyssa Colt Alderman
Human Resources Manager, Los Angeles Jewish Home, Hospital and Healthcare
MBA, Burbank campus. 2015

"The University of Redlands was at the top of my list for my Graduate studies as a result of the positive feedback provided to me by peers who were alumni. The School of Business offered me incredible, life-altering opportunities to prove myself as a leader, a professional, a business scholar, a world traveler, and a father. The MBA program, thanks to a series of amazing professors, imparted knowledge that has enabled me lead process improvement initiatives in my career. Applying to the University of Redlands, School of Business MBA program was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made”.

Adrian Segura 
MBA, Burbank – Caltech location, 2016
Project Manager, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


"When I decided to finally return to school and complete my Bachelor’s degree, several of my co-workers highly recommended the University of Redlands program.   After doing some research on my own and then working with the counselors at Redlands, Redlands was the clear choice.  Its reputation and the curriculum offered were very impressive. I decided to move forward and entered the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program.  I was not disappointed.  My professors, most of whom were working professionals were excellent.  The class structure was extremely conducive for the working adult and more importantly, the course work was directly applicable to my job.  The education I received gave me the confidence to take the next step in my career and was a key factor in my promotion to a management position."  

Maria-Pia V. Duffy
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 2014
MBA, Information Systems, 2017
Manager, Carrier Relations, Omnitracs, LLC  ____________________________________________________________________________________________

"I found myself making management decisions that needed more than just a gut feeling. I needed stronger knowledge.  My experience at University of Redlands MBA program was phenomenal. I had several of my projects and class final projects implemented as companywide initiatives. The CFO of the company took notice and personally asked for updates on my MBA progress. When a larger competitor bought out the company, I was identified as a key person and sought after for some of the initiatives I began. I made a difficult decision to leave the new owners; in my career search, I used examples of my MBA projects and also a presentation format one of my instructors asked us all to do because they said, “you never know”. My University of Redlands MBA education took me from being a mid-level manager to a new position as an executive manager reporting directly and under the COO. The MBA program gave me the tools of knowledge and I built a new career."

Manuel Martinez
MBA. Rancho Cucamonga Campus, 2017
Business and Operations Leader, Cintas