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Three Tips for MBA Applicants to Help Get Into The School of Your Choice

Whether you’re applying to a traditional business school or an online MBA program, the quality of your application is usually the deciding factor in whether or not you are accepted into a program. Take the time to prepare and craft the story of your career carefully. Here are some tips to help highlight your personal and professional accomplishments.

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A Closer Look at MBA Concentrations

An online MBA can qualify you for a number of jobs as it provides students with a foundational understanding of business processes and practices. University of Redlands’ online MBA program allows students to choose an emphasis in marketing, finance, or general business. Below, we take a closer look at each of the specializations and the benefits each specialization can provide.

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Jobs in Marketing for MBA Graduates

An online MBA with a marketing concentration from the University of Redlands can open the door to many career possibilities. Marketing is a diverse, multifaceted field and there are a number of career paths in the global marketing space. Below we examine a few of the careers available to MBA graduates with a marketing concentration:

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Consider California Companies for Your Career

Dreaming of endless sunny days, palm trees, and the ocean? Search for your next career in California. California offers MBA graduates one of the most diverse employment pools in the nation. According to Newsweek, California is the largest state economy in the country. Its businesses employ more than 18 million workers. While California’s large workforce spans a variety of industries, we’ve identified three well-known businesses where an MBA graduate may choose to pursue a career.

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The Advantages of Working in California

Opportunities abound for professionals seeking employment in California with an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from the University of Redlands. With a main campus located in Redlands, Calif., the University also has regional campuses throughout the state in Burbank, Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Diego, and Santa Ana (South Coast Metro).

Redlands also offers an online MBA program that increases the University’s accessibility even beyond the multiple regional campuses; designed for working professionals, this program is 100 percent online and provides a credential from a well-respected university that employers will recognize. Below is an overview of some industries where you may leverage your Redlands MBA.  

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