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Why an MBA Could Make Sense for Accounting Professionals

While many accountants do not consider pursuing an MBA degree, a degree such as an online MBA in finance from the University of Redlands can help accounting professionals stand out in their field and increase their marketability.

An MBA can provide in-depth finance and broad skills

While an MBA program is designed to provide students with a broad overview of the business industry, an MBA in finance also offers an in-depth look into the finance sector, focusing on accounting topics in classes such as Accounting and Finance for Managers, Finance Markets and Institutions, Managerial Finance, Global Finance, and Investment Theory and Analysis.

Students who choose to pursue an online MBA in finance at the University of Redlands graduate with both a well-rounded understanding of the business world and expert understanding of finance, particularly in the scope of a global business environment.

You will likely earn a higher salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants who enter the field with a bachelor’s degree earn an average salary of about $68,000 per year. While the wage premium for holding a master's degree in finance will vary based on the position and location, those with an MBA are likely to earn more. Investopedia reports that California has the highest paid MBA graduates at a median salary of $99,947.

It’s important to remember that an individual’s specific career path will factor into salary earnings; for example, a 2015 analysis by U.S. News & World Report found that individuals earning a lower salary were usually in the process of either starting their own business or working for a start-up company. Regardless of what path you choose, the time and money you invest in an MBA program could prove worthwhile.

Online MBA Degree Programs Offer a High Return on Investment

It’s no secret that going on to earn a graduate-level degree is a financial investment. The University of Redlands offers an online MBA program that is both affordable and flexible, with tuition plans and financial aid opportunities that make it possible for students of all ages, stages, and backgrounds to achieve their educational goals.

To learn more about why the University of Redlands Online MBA program in finance could be a good fit for you, contact our advisors today.