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What Courses Will I Take If I Choose the Marketing Emphasis?

When you select the marketing emphasis in the Online MBA program at the University of Redlands, you develop skills that put you ahead of the competition.

Marketing is a core component of any business model and has been proven difficult to automate. Most businesses require marketing experts to promote products and services, persuade prospective buyers, and ultimately enhance organizational profitability. The program's marketing emphasis is comprised of informative courses that equip students with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to segue into a professional marketing role with a business or other organization.

Marketing emphasis courses include:

Marketing Analytics MGMT 683W

This four-credit course delves into the strategic components of marketing plans, exploring the intricacies of different planning processes. The course highlights the features, merits, and fallibilities of marketing plans, as well as their relevance to specific industries, businesses, and products/services. The course also examines the use of marketing analytics in resource allocation. Students learn how to use data analysis strategies and tools to pinpoint an effective approach to conducting and analyzing marketing campaigns. The course also includes a “spatial thinking” component.

Marketing Management MGMT 680/680W

The Marketing Management course unpacks the fundamentals of marketing. It emphasizes the importance of how marketing efforts are perceived by prospective buyers, and outlines the best strategies to design effective marketing plans. The course provides the tools students need to accurately gauge the success or failure of marketing plans. The analysis of case studies also refines students’ critical thinking and analytical skills.

Marketing Strategy MGMT 693W

The Marketing Strategy course integrates the study of marketing and other functional areas within an organization. Students learn how a company can use its resources and capabilities to maximize customer value and achieve the greatest financial return.

Global Marketing INTB 694W

Marketing and public relations can be international in scope, especially for those who are fluent in a foreign language. Global Marketing educates students about the role of diverse marketing concepts across the global marketplace, highlighting how certain concepts are successful in specific regions, while others have universal applicability. Students learn how to evaluate marketing strategies with concern for international market forces, challenges posed by governments and other global factors.

The Interdisciplinary Integrating Capstone BUAD 696W

Each marketing course of study culminates in a four-credit capstone project. For their final project, students apply the concepts, strategies, and skills developed in prior courses to analyze and solve real-world business problems in a simulation. Students are expected to approach these challenges with nuanced strategies and practical solutions. This simulation is dynamic in nature, forcing students to adjust their problem solving approach, refine possible solutions, and adapt as necessary. The intended focus is on applying critical thinking skills, collaborating with others, and implementing strategies to make prudent business decisions.