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Why Earn an MBA at Any Age

When most people think of graduate students, they picture individuals in their early to mid-20s who recently earned a bachelor's degree. However, with the advent of the online master's degree programs, people of all ages are going back to school to pursue a higher-level degree. Online MBA programs in particular are valuable for people at all stages of their careers, equipping students with skills they can apply to almost any profession. Those interested in earning an online MBA in California should know that age in not a factor.

Read on for five reasons why you should consider earning an online MBA degree, no matter where you are in life.

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Netting the Non-Traditional Job with an MBA

As the world of business has changed, so have the possible professions for those with an MBA. Once a graduate degree seen most often in the upper echelon of business theorists and management, an MBA now acts as a gateway to a number of non-traditional careers often associated with personal satisfaction. This article looks at some of these innovative (and growing) career paths and how the University of Redlands Online MBA program can help you along the way.

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Combating Academic Stress

Earning an MBA is a milestone accomplishment — and one not without its challenges. The majority of students enrolled in an online MBA program will experience stress at some point during their academic experience, but there are ways to minimize it and respond productively.

These three tips will help you feel less stressed and more in control as you complete each course in your online degree program.

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Why Consider an MBA with a Specialization in Finance?

Online MBA students often opt to specialize in order to establish themselves in the business world and carve out a niche for their careers. An individual who is considering a career in finance or who is interested in this topic will want to explore the various benefits of an MBA with a specialization in finance.

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Why an Online MBA Program?

An MBA degree can open a lot of opportunities. But for many, earning an MBA through a traditional program is impossible, whether due to the need to work full time, the responsibility of taking care of children, or simply living too far from a university to attend classes. However, these issues do not have to be obstacles. For some students, earning an online MBA, especially through the program offered by the University of Redlands, is a great solution.

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5 Great Careers to Enter with an MBA

Some of the most successful business executives and entrepreneurs in the industry hold a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). An MBA is a graduate-level degree that can provide an individual with in-depth information about the business industry as well as give them an opportunity to specialize in a niche field. After earning an MBA, graduates will find that the career opportunities are endless. According to U.S. News and World Report, these are some of the most fulfilling jobs available to those who hold an MBA.

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