Certificate in Business Fundamentals

Accelerate your career growth and earning potential by enrolling in our business fundamentals certificate program. Designed for technical professionals, clinicians, and individuals with non- business degrees, this business certificate focuses on developing a core set of business skills needed to operate and manage any enterprise. Through our three fundamental business courses, you'll develop competencies in marketing, accounting and finance, managerial decision-making and the design and management of business processes. In less than a year, you'll be prepared to advance your career into a managerial role with greater responsibility for your organization's success. In addition, credits earned from the business fundamentals certificate count towards our stackable MBA program, should you choose to pursue a master's degree.


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Required Coursework

MGMT 631: Management and Organizational Behavior (4)

This course focuses on key business areas such as managing individual performance, team and intergroup dynamics, leadership, human resource management, organizational design, decision-making, and management of change.

BUAD 658: Accounting and Finance for Managers (4)

This course focuses on the role of accounting and finance in managerial decision-making, including how managers access capital, invest in resources, budget operations, and report economic events.

MGMT 680: Marketing Management (4)

This course explores the crucial aspects of marketing with emphasis on the customer and the marketing mix and includes development of analytical and critical thinking skills through case study, and the design and assessment of a basic marketing plan.