Doing Activities With Great Spirit- that's D.A.W.G.S.!

Doing Activities With Great Spirit (or DAWGS as we like to call it) is the official campus activity board for the University of Redlands CAS undergraduate student body. Founded in October of 2023, the DAWGS are a student-run organization that is tasked with making fun and engaging campus events. DAWGS sets itself apart by having the resources to organize unique, high-quality events students can feel proud of. Beyond just entertainment, the DAWGS' core values lie in improving school spirit, giving students things to look forward to, and helping them make new friends in an inclusive environment. DAWGS actively collaborates with other campus organizations and departments to promote student involvement. Whether it's a laidback game night or a big concert, DAWGS strives to keep weekends lively and bring the Redlands community together through shared experiences.

Our D.A.W.G.S.

Upcoming Events

April 2024 Events:

 April 1

3p - 5p

Egg Hunt

Location: 1st Floor Hunsaker

April 4

5p - 7p

Earth Month DIY Terrariums

Location: Hunsaker Plaza

April 6

1:30p - 6:30p

Cornhole Tournament

Location: Hunsaker Plaza

April 7

7p - 10p

Pool Movie Night

Location: Thomspon Aquatic Center

April 8

7:30p - 8:30p


Location: Heritage Lounge Balcony

April 11

4p - 5p

Join DAWGS We R 1

Locaiton: Hunsaker Lounge

April 12

1p - 7p

No Cap 2 Success

Location: Hunsaker Lounge

April 13

11a - 8 p

Blok Party

Location: Greek Park

April 17

6p - 8p

Season First Tea

Location: Surf Garden

April 18

12p - 3p

Study Break Drop In

Location: Hunsaker Lounge



Our Event Initiatives

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