ASUR Cabinet

ASUR Cabinet is a culmination of the highest leaders on campus. Members of the cabinet are chosen each year by the ASUR President-Elect after an application process. They then must be interviewed and confirmed by the ASUR Senate. The members come from various areas of student government and work together to resolve different issues around campus while leading the student body.

ASUR President

Chloe Levine '22, ASUR President   

I’m so excited for this upcoming year and I am humbled and honored to serve as your 2021-2022 ASUR President!

The ASUR President is the chief spokesperson of the student body and is responsible for overseeing the administration of student government. The ASUR President is responsible for appointing and leading the ASUR Cabinet, composed of 7 student leaders driven to provide fun and educational opportunities to the campus community. Representing the student voice and serving as the liaison between students and administration is one of the main tasks of the ASUR President. Other duties include creating and managing the ASUR Budget, attending meetings with the Board of Trustees, acting as the chief negotiator on behalf of ASUR, completing independent projects, and holding a minimum of 20 office hours per week. 

ASUR Chief of Staff


The ASUR Chief of Staff (COS) is responsible for advising the ASUR President on important campus-wide issues and providing support to other Cabinet members. The ASUR COS manages Cabinet operations, communications, and judicial items

Senate Chair

Danielle Baxter '24, Senate Chair 

You can always count on me to not only think outside the box but to never let the existence of the box hinder the ability to grow and help others.

ASUR Senate is the student voice at the University of Redlands. Senate works with the entire campus community to better the collective University experience, and to implement projects alongside supporting clubs, student organizations, and events. Your ASUR Senators are here to serve as a resource for you.

ASUR Vice President of Student Organizations

Soup Isarangkoon '22, Vice President of Student Organizations

As the VP of Student Orgs, I will be committed to serving all student organizations, and I will make sure that I can be supportive of all student organizations to the best of my ability.

The ASUR VP of Student Organizations is responsible for managing all U of R Student Organizations. This includes helping new clubs and organizations get started, keeping current organizations in good standing, and oversight of the Organization Grant program. 

ASUR Vice President of Finance

Nicholas Phillips '22, Vice President of Finance

As the VP of Finance, I am committed to providing up-to-date information to clubs and organizations on their financial status, and I will process all reimbursements as efficiently as possible.

The ASUR Vice President of Finance is in charge of managing all of the financial transactions that take place within ASUR. This includes assisting all branches and departments of ASUR and all clubs and organizations on campus with budgeting, fundraising, reimbursements, and transfers. The VP of Finance oversees all account balances under the ASUR budget while working with the Director of Student Involvement and Success and the ASUR President.

ASUR Vice President of Convocations and Lectures


The ASUR Vice President of Convocations and Lectures manages a committee of volunteers and collaborates with various campus departments. This team is dedicated to providing enriching opportunities for students to engage with relevant and impactful speakers. 

ASUR Vice President of Social Affairs

Samantha Phillips '22, Vice President of Social Affairs 

As VP of Social Affairs, I will work with a team to plan and execute events that are fun and events that you want to see around campus.

Social Affairs is a student-led organization composed of enthusiastic and excited student programmers! Social Affairs' main objective is to provide a diverse range of programs, events, activities, and much more to the student body. These events span from movie nights on the quad, to music concerts on the plaza patio, and everything in-between. Social Affairs is led by the ASUR VP of Social Affairs and approximately 7 different Assistant Director positions. In order to provide multiple fun and relaxing events for students, we host around 2-5 events in a given week throughout the entire school year. We are the organization most popularly known for hosting Homecoming week festivities, Third Thursdays and Free Krikorians, and Fall Fest. We constantly strive to co-sponsor programs with other clubs, organizations, and departments across campus.

Cabinet Advisors

University Alignment, Engagement and Finance Policy  

Erin Sanborn, Director of Student Involvement and Success