Channel Islands National Park

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Sample Itinerary for Channel Islands National Park, subject to (and likely to) change: 

Day 1

Head out to the coast where you will catch your ferry over to Channel Islands National Park.  You will arrive in Scorpion Campground, set up camp and watch a sunset

Day 2

Today you’ll hike along the crest of Santa Cruz Island.  Keep your eyes out for unique wildlife species as you hike to the top of the island. 

Day 3

Time for some ocean exploration.  Grab your towel and sunscreen, today you’ll be snorkeling in some secluded coves and exploring tide pools near camp.  Be ready for a hands on biology lesson! 

Day 4

Today you’ll explore the coastline with a guided kayaking paddle tour.  Keep your eyes out for the rich marine life that abounds. 

Day 5

Pack up camp and head back on the Ferry to the mainland and eventually back to the University Campus for a celebration dinner! 

Additional Information 

No prior snorkeling or kayaking experience is necessary for this trip. Confidence in your swimming ability will be helpful in making the most out of the experience. 

Trip Cost: Learn more about trip costs here.