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Sample Itinerary for Central Coast Camping and Adventure, subject to (and likely to) change: 

Day 1 

Pack up the vans and hit the road, you’re headed north!  Once you make it through LA, you’ll travel up the beautiful California coastline to your beach side campsites in San Simeon. 

Day 2 

Time to explore your surroundings.  A local day hike in the hills followed by lunch, exploring Hearst Castle and some evening beach time.  

Day 3 

Today you’re hitting the water in a sea kayak. Our experienced outfitters will walk you through the basics of paddling, navigating currents and communication on the water.  You’ll explore the rugged coastline and sheltered coves. Keep an eye out for the local marine life – this section of the coast is famous for its giant elephant seals! 

Day 4 

Back to the beach today, this time with a focus on the local ecology. You’re touring the Coastal Discovery Center, learning about the unique local biome. More beach time in the afternoon before an evening of reflection and appreciations. 

Day 5 

Pack up camp and head back to Redlands. Don’t forget to work on your skit for our end of FYJ Celebration Dinner! 

Additional Information 

No prior surfing or mountain biking experience is necessary for this trip.  Some confidence in your ability to swim is helpful, but surf locations are typically shallow and over a sandy bottom. 

Trip Cost: Learn more about trip costs here.