New Student FAQs

There are many questions you may have as you prepare for your first year at Redlands. View the FAQs, register for upcoming webinars and watch the webinar videos.

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New Student Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a variety of the most frequently asked questions. Through our UR Ready! Webinar Series, we’ve provided a full Q & A transcript from the session!  View all the UR Ready! Webinar Series FAQs asked by families and students.

Orientation and Move-In

Do I need to register to attend New Student Orientation?

Yes, you do need to register for New Student Orientation, however there is no registration fee. Your attendance is mandatory, and we will be expecting you to check in on August 29th.

Will the orientation schedule be provided to families during the summer?

Yes - it will be listed on the New Student Experience webpage.

How long do parents stay during orientation?

Parents usually stay through the first day including dinner on the quad.

Are students assigned specific move in times or just any time on that day?

Later in the summer, Residence Life and Housing will send out a communication to all incoming students regarding selecting a move-in window for August 29, 2024.

For students living off campus. Will they receive orientation date and time via email?

Orientation begins on Thursday, August 29 for all students. Move-in for on-campus students is that morning, but commuting students will also start Orientation at the same time.

I have heard that first-year students will have the option to be on campus early for a whole week to meet and do things with other first-year students, is this correct?

If you participate in our First Year Journey’s you will have access to be on campus before the start of New Student Orientation. This First Year Journey program is highly recommended.

Housing and Residential

Residence Life and Housing has compiled a great list of additional frequently asked questions about housing, which you can access here. Should you have additional questions, you can email them at

Can you please speak about living in residence halls all 4 years?

Students enjoy living on campus and creating community. It also gives students a convenient proximity to amenities like food, classes, athletic practices, labs, and on campus resources.

Is housing the same for student athletes? Do they move in earlier?

Housing is the same for all students, although some student athletes must arrive early. If they are required to arrive early, housing will be available. Residence Life and Housing will work with athletics on dates and rosters for early arrivals.

What pets are allowed in the dorms?

No pets (including fish and reptiles in suitable enclosures) are allowed in any of the residential communities on campus. The only exceptions are service animals and emotional support animals approved through the Office of Student Success Office.

Are you able to have a car on campus during your first year?

Yes, first year students can have a car on campus.

What if you already have a roommate in mind?

You can include their name when prompted to do so on the housing intention form--they must also include your name too.

Is storage space offered over the summer?

The university does not provide storage options for student's belongings over the summer. However, there are local storage facilities in the surrounding community that students take advantage of.

Next Steps and New Student Checklist

Where can I find my New Student Checklist?

You can view your checklist in your Self-Service Portal. A video on how to access your New Student Checklist can be found in your Admissions Status page, where you logged in to check your admission decision.

After doing the academic survey, how do we receive placement exams and when? Is it through an email link? If so, how long do we have after receiving the link to take the exam?

Once deposited, you will get access to the new student checklist that includes all academic surveys and questionnaires. Watch this helpful video on this process.

Once I upload my student id, can I change it?

Once deposited, you will get access to the new student checklist that includes all academic surveys and questionnaires. Watch this helpful video on this process.

Class Registration and Academics

When do we get our class schedule?

Class schedule will be sent to students in July.

When and how are we able to select the time of our desired classes (morning/afternoon classes)?

Your schedule will be built to be balanced. You can work with your First Year Seminar faculty on changes to your schedule.

How do the class placements work if students have not yet sent in transcripts for any college credits they already have?

Registration will happen in July so that leaves plenty of time to have all transcripts sent to

How many classes do I take as a first year?

Students typically take 4 classes each semester and can take up to 19 credits per semester.

Is there a course catalog I can reference?

Visit the university catalog on the website.

Who can we contact to update the major if it says undeclared?

When you complete the Academic questionnaire you will include your academic interests. You do not declare your major until you arrive on campus/as soon as spring semester.

Additonal FAQs

What is a First Year Seminar?

First-Year Seminars (FYS) is a required foundation course for every incoming first-year student. In these seminars students develop a close personal relationship with a full-time faculty member who not only teaches the course but also serves as academic advisor and mentor, introducing students to college-level skills and helping them in planning their academic programs.  Most seminars are interdisciplinary in focus, and students are encouraged to select seminars according to their broader intellectual and personal interests, not as a foundation course in a possible major.

I have some questions about Financial Aid. Who do I reach out to?

Should you have questions about your student's account balance, how to pay your bill, or any other financial inquiries, please email Please note that due to the heavy volume of calls and emails, there may be a slight delay. We encourage you to watch this webinar, as it may answer some of your questions.

Is there a place to learn more about the clubs and organizations offered at Redlands?

View the list of over 100 clubs and organizations here. There is also an involvement fair hosted the first week of classes. Students have the opportunity to learn more about each club that they are interested during this fair. Encourage your student to be on the look out for this event. Students can also Rush in the Spring semester. So if you are interested in Greek Life, be on the look out for information on Rush dates.

Can I join a fraternity or sorority my first semester?

Students who have completed 28 colleges credits, have a GPA of 2.5 and higher, and are in good standing with the University are eligible to participant in Rush. Click here for more questions directly related to Greek Life.

Can we get more information about First Year Journey’s?

First Year Journey (FYJ) is a great opportunity to build community and take an adventure before starting college, it can be a few days to a week depending on the program. There will be several webinars to learn more. You can also get more info as well as webinar dates via the FYJ website. The earlier you register, the quicker you will receive your trip assignment! No fees are due at the time of registration. Frequently asked questions for FYJ questions can be found on the FYJ website.

How does work study play out? Do you choose your job or are you assigned?

You apply for a job on campus and then go through a hiring process. Students eligible for work study in their aid package should be able to find an on-campus job. There is a wide range of opportunities available throughout campus to include departments, programs, and campus offices.