Tips for Locating you Immunization Records:

  • Try locating your immunization card.  In California, this is known as the "yellow card."  If you cannot find your card, you may be able to access your records through your state health department.
  • For California, access your immunization records through the California Immunization Registry (CAIR):
  • Other States, visit the CDC webpage to locate your state health department:

If you cannot find your records, try calling:

  • The doctor's office or clinic where your immunizations were most recently given.  If shots were given at more than one clinic, you will need to call each clinic where you were seen.
  • Schools you have attended.  Many schools keep immunization records on file. 

If you still cannot locate your records:  

Your health care provider can order a blood test (titer) to check to see if you have immunity.  

Visit for more tips.