Clubs and Organizations 

Whether you want to join a group focusing on the arts or varying ideas of diversity, there is a club or organization with peers who share your interests! Redlands has over 100 active clubs and organizations and a Club and Organization Advisory Board overseeing and supporting each group. Serve your community. Build a professional network. Practice your spirituality. There truly is something for everyone and we encourage you to get involved. If you have a passion that is not represented by one of our clubs or organizations, you can easily create your own!


Redlands' academic emphasis is reflected in our many academic clubs and honor/professional societies, established to foster faculty and student networking opportunities and to encourage exploration and service in the academic community. 

ASUR Student Government

The Associated Students of the University of Redlands (ASUR) is the University’s student government organization.  The organization is designed to represent students on issues including academics, University policy, student life and others areas that directly affect the experience of students. The ASUR also works to provide high-quality programming and special events that reflect the interests and needs of the student body.

Diversity and Social Justice

Redlands is a place where diversity, political, and social involvement is celebrated and these groups aim to create places where students can explore within a safe, nurturing, and open environment, providing avenues to organize and influence at local, state, national and international levels, while also fostering ethical practices and social responsibility.


Spiritual and religious development is an important aspect to many students’ lives and these groups support the exploration of members' relationships with their faith and with each other in the contexts of worship, education, and service.

Fine Arts

Students have a variety of opportunities to express themselves, explore, and perform through theater, art, and music.

Greek Life

Redlands has a vibrant Greek community, where students promote academic achievement, community service, leadership, tradition, and alumni relations.  Siblinghoods focus on diversity, inclusion, and social justice while promoting strong ties of brotherhood and sisterhood.  Both are committed to giving back to the community through service.


We recognize the ability to communicate is an essential part of a liberal arts education and place a high value on dialogue about current events and ideas. These student lead media outlets are supported by ASUR.Media


Club sports and special interest recreation groups get together to practice and play. Some teams compete with other local schools and others just play for fun.


Redlands is nationally recognized as a leader in community service learning and had numerous groups focusing on projects ranging from education to humor to juvenile detention outreach.

Special Interests

These groups are designed to help bring together students with common interests such as anime, animals, and poker.


Students committed to making Redlands a more sustainable and green campus can get involved in a variety of environmental and sustainability programs.