General Information

Remedial and Prerequisite Classes

The VA will only pay for classes that are required to obtain a degree and/or certificate in his/her declared major/minor (if applicable) including all required remedial and prerequisite courses.

Academics and Grades

A student will be considered in good standing as long as the classes taken are required for graduation in his/her program; the student is not repeating classes already successfully completed; the student has not been on Academic Probation for two consecutive semesters (of enrollment) and does not earn less than a 2.0 for the semester; the student has not been Academically Dismissed by the University and does not earn a 2.0 GPA for the semester. 

Once a student has been reported to the VA for Unsatisfactory Progress, benefits will be suspended and he student will be notified.  Students must reapply for their benefits by contacting UoR Military and Veteran Services Office.

Reporting Changes

To avoid a delay, suspension, or overpayment of your VA Benefits, students must report all changes to the University’s Military and Veteran Services Office, as stated below:

  • Address Changes
  • Name Changes
  • Change in credit hours
  • Withdrawal from classes or school
  • Declare a major and minor (if applicable)

Prior Credit

VA regulations require that all previous education (prior college) be applied to shorten the program of education pursued.  It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that acceptable records are submitted to UoR Admissions Office for evaluation. 

Military Credit

You may receive college credit for Military Training and Schooling.  Students must provide acceptable records to The University of Redlands office.

Military Activation

A student who is called to active duty by the United States Military must:

  1. Student's Letter of Intent
  2. Request for Priority Registration
  3. Deployment Contact Information

All documents can be found and completed at:


Once a student has submitted the necessary steps required for admission and registration of classes; the student will complete the UoR online Enrollment forms at by contacting the Campus Military and Veteran Services Office.

If a student elects to change their program of study, the student would need to update their major/minor (if applicable) with their student service manager and notify UoR Military and Veteran Services Office of the change to prevent interruption of educational benefits.

VA Payments

Once an enrollment certification is submitted to the VA, it may take 2-4 weeks to start receiving a monthly VA payment.  Payment is mailed or direct deposited into the students’ bank account for the prior months training.  Monthly VA payments are paid based on the following:  number of credit hours the student is enrolled; residence and/or distance (online) classes; the actual start and end date of each course enrolled.

For Post 9/11 students, the percentage of active duty served and the particular program student is participating in.  

To request advance payment, the student must be planning to take at least six (6) credit hours and sign an Advance Payment Request 30 days before the payment deadline.

Transient Students 

For the purpose of certifying students for their VA Educational Benefits; the institution that is granting the degree or the UoR home campus is considered the parent school/campus and the institution or UoR campus that student is taking classes at with the sole purpose to transfer back to the parent school/campus is considered the guest school/campus.

Students who are seeking a degree from UoR, but are taking classes at another institution to transfer back to UoR, may be certified as a transient student. In order to be certified as a transient student to the VA, you will need to submit a copy of your current schedule of classes required for your degree at UoR; then a letter will be sent to the school Certifying Official at the guest institution.

Tuition and Fee Payment

Students that are receiving VA Education Benefits are expected to pay tuition and fees by the payment deadline date established by the University each semester, with exception to the following:

Students receiving Post 9/11 Benefits and have a certificate of Eligibility (COE) on file in the UoR Military and Veteran Services Office will automatically receive a deferment on tuition and fee payment until payment arrives from the VA.

Students participating in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program; the assigned case manager will ensure tuition and fee payments are made in accordance with VR & E.

Additional Information

Post 9/11 Monthly Stipend is paid based on the zip code of the campus, where student is taking course(s)

VA is last payee when paying tuition and fees under Post 9/11

Tuition and fees are reported to VA for request of payment 1-2 weeks after the start of course(s) enrolled for students participating in the Post 9/11 GI Bill® program

Tuition and Fees are invoiced 1-2 weeks after the start of course(s) enrolled for students participating under the Vocational Rehabilitation program and Military Tuition Assistance

VA offer tutorial assistance to help pay for tutoring necessary to advance your education.