Gary Smith Court in Currier Gym

Opened in 1929, Currier Gym is home to the Bulldog basketball and volleyball teams. Its majestic exterior houses a facility that has been the site of exciting collegiate competition for over 80 years. Despite the traditional architecture, this classic venue takes on a whole new persona as game-time approaches. With the arrival of the vocal and raucous Bulldog fans, it is transformed into the "Dawg House," a ferocious atmosphere where the boosters lurk just inches from the playing floor, making any opponent's job that much more difficult.

The gym received a full face lift in 1995, with the installation of new bleachers, a fresh coat of paint, and a carefully refinished floor. In 2001, the gym floor was repainted and state-of-the-art lights were installed. Finally, the old pool in Currier was converted into the Recreation Gym in 2006. This provides a valuable practice space for varsity programs as well as a recreational facility for the general University community.

In 2007, the University of Redlands honored long-time men's basketball coach Gary Smith by naming the floor after him in a top-notch pregame ceremony. After 36 years of dedication and service, Coach Smith retired from his post in Bulldog Athletics but certainly left his mark on the program with his integrity, character and exemplary leadership.

Currier Gymnasium also houses the Bulldog Bench Hall of Fame, highlighting some of the outstanding careers of coaches, student-athletes and supporters from the school's illustrious history. In addition, the main athletics office and the offices of basketball, tennis, soccer, women's lacrosse softball, women's volleyball, cheerleading and sports information reside in this historical building. Finally, the space offers two racquetball courts and a dance studio for use by the University community, along with a secondary athletic training facility for the varsity teams.

The facility was named after the Honorable Alvan Tyler Currier, a long-time Pomona Valley farm-owner who first migrated to California in 1861. A one-time sheriff of Los Angeles County, he was elected to the State Senate from the 38th District in 1898. As a result of his commitment to the Baptist Church, Currier became a Trustee of the University of Redlands and was a liberal contributor at this institution.

Barring team practices or competition, Currier Gym is open to the University community throughout the school year. The dance studio and racquetball courts are also available for use. For more information, please contact the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at 909-748-8023.