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Seven proposals win Inclusive Community and Justice Fund awards

Grants from the Inclusive Community and Justice Fund support initiatives focused on inclusion and justice impacting U of R’s students, faculty, and staff from across the University’s campuses. (Photo by Coco McKown '04, '10)

This year’s U of R Inclusive Community and Justice Fund (ICJF) will support seven projects, from a Juneteenth celebration to a scholarship to assist marginalized workers, to help advance access, equity, and inclusion at the University.

“A wide range of proposals was submitted this year, and, although it was not possible to fund each one, we appreciate each of the ideas that were brought forward,” said Senior Diversity and Inclusion Officer Christopher Jones in a memo to the community on behalf of the President’s Cabinet. “We look forward to the important contributions these projects will make to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University of Redlands!”

The winning proposals are:

  • Second Annual Juneteenth Celebration – Submitted by Enrollment Assistant Tekia McNeil, the purpose of this project is to provide a unified and collective voice to represent the diverse lived experiences of the Black community at the University of Redlands and bring awareness to Juneteenth Emancipation Day. Award: $10,000.

  • Center for Educational Justice – Faculty Professional Development on Teaching for Equity and Inclusion and Honoring the Radical Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. as a Resource for Teaching the Notions of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Submitted by Professor Jose Lalas, director of the Center for Educational Justice, this project will hold a series of workshops and webinars to: 1) enhance the effectiveness of the University in benefitting people of color, 2) effectively commit to access, retention, and support of people of color at the University, and 3) use the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his radical role as a resource in elevating the practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all people. Award: $8,000.
  • Developing Pathways to Higher Education – Submitted by Professor Brian Charest, this project seeks to develop two new pathways to higher education for two distinct populations: 1) pathways for local students of color to our existing teacher credential programs, and 2) pathways for formerly incarcerated individuals to graduate with degrees and certificates. Award: $7,000.

  • Embedding Restorative Justice Work into Student Culture – Submitted by Director of Equity and Title IX Coordinator Erica Moorer, this project will train and engage students in facilitating restorative justice processes to resolve conflict and build inclusive and equitable communities. Award: $6,000.

  • Scholarship to Assist Marginalized Student Workers – Submitted by Office of Career & Professional Development Assistant Director of Marketing, Communications, and Events Thomas Guzowski and modeled after a similar program through the College Futures Foundation and Mission Asset Fund, this scholarship promotes retention of student workers by offering support for educational expenses. Award: $5,000.
  • “Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Political Science” Student Discussion Group – Submitted by Professor Althea Sircar, this project supports students interested in the study of race, gender, and politics and provides them the opportunity to interact with faculty of color and follow-up for those interested in graduate study. Award: $4,300.

  • Expert Consultation to Support U of R’s Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Federal Grant Submissions – Submitted by Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations Anuradha Diekmann, this project will support collaboration of the Hispanic Serving Institution Working Group with a national expert to review current initiatives and provide a report that recommends future strategies. Award: $2,500.

Jones also thanked members of the selection committee for their work in reviewing the many thoughtful proposals and extended congratulations to those whose proposals were selected for funding. 

Established in 2020 to provide resources to advance the U of R mission of access, equity, and inclusion, the ICJIF aims to counteract in concrete ways institutionalized racial bias that may be present within the University’s policies, procedures, and practices.

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