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How to respond to Hurricane Harvey

A family home in Houston, Tex., looks out over a street flooded by Hurricane Harvey. (Photo courtesy of Federal Emergency Management Agency)

The news has been filled with images of areas that have been devastated by a natural disaster, and many in our community are wondering how best to respond. Hurricane Harvey and the torrential rains over Texas will certainly prove to be a tremendous struggle for many of those in the South. As the rains continue, we know many will need assistance both financially and through physical deployment of recovery crews. This clean-up effort will take years and people already struggling will find the next few months particularly trying.

To assist in the immediate recovery effort, the Corporation for National and Community Service recommends directing contributions to nonprofit agencies that are members of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOA). Some of the larger of these organizations include:

In addition, the University of Redlands’ Office of Community Service Learning (CSL) will be sponsoring relief trips to Texas during the next year for those students (and perhaps staff) who wish to help in the recovery effort. Every year, our students extend their learning beyond the classroom to complete more than 120,000 hours of community service. These experiences not only broaden students’ awareness and strengthen their connections to the larger world, they also build healthier, stronger communities. Please contact the CSL Office if you are interested in participating in these efforts.

If you wish to donate to Spring Break Plunge trips, in which students and staff work with nonprofit organizations such as All Hands and the Red Cross, please make checks payable to the “University of Redlands” and in the memo write “CSL Spring Break Plunge.” Direct them to Community Service Learning, University of Redlands, 1200 East Colton Ave., P.O. Box 3080, Redlands, CA 92373. That money will go directly to pay for students wishing to participate in the cleanup. For more information, feel free to email me at tony_mueller@redlands.edu.

Thank you for your support.