Spring 2020 Recruitment has ended. 

Congratulations to our incoming Maroon & Grey Student Ambassadors!

Trueman Andrews-Gibson '21 Kennedy Bryan-Hart '22
Maddie Bush '22 Jordan Buttner '21
Natalie Carlson '21 Nathan Garcia '21
Isabella Glenn '22 Cari Hickman '22
Ellis Hodo '21 Kailee Jackson-Russo '21
Caroline Kelly '21 Brooke McBay '21
Isabella Romagnoli '22 Clara Sanders '21
Leslie Sernaque Falcon '22 Stephanie Shen '22
Emily Shipcott '21 Julia Smyth '22
Rick Sorensen '21 Jamison Stevens '22
Margaret Stoops '21 Gavi Dhariwal '22
Collin O'Connor '22 Makayla Sugidono '21
Natalie Thayer '21 Dorsey Wilhoite '22


Membership shall be comprised of students of junior or senior status based on the number of academic units. There will be no limit as to how many students may be part of the organization, but will be determined by the amount of qualified nominations and applications on a yearly basis. 

Invitations are sent to administrators, staff, faculty, and current MGSA members at the commencement of the second semester, encouraging them to nominate students they feel would be an asset to MGSA. Students who are not nominated may self-nominate and ask the MGSA Advisor for an application. 

Selection for membership in MGSA shall be done each spring through a written application process. Applicants should display excellence in the following areas:

  • Academic scholarship (3.0 GPA or higher when applying)
  • Strong recommendation by administration, faculty, or staff
  • Leadership skills
  • On and/or off-campus community involvement
  • Quality of application

Qualified candidates are invited to a group interview, and finalists are invited to an individual interview. The selection committee will include the MGSA advisor, MGSA President or his/her designee, the New Member Chair, and one or two other members of the Executive Committee.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of MGSA or have questions about the organization, please contact Tracy Telliard, Assistant Director of Alumni & Community Relations (and advisor to MGSA) at 909-748-8126 or email mgsa@redlands.edu