What is the Alumni Board?

The Alumni Board is the governing body of the Alumni Association, which was founded in 1912 by Rachel Coolidge Price, Class of 1911 as a means for the University and its Alumni to communicate and serve one another. Now enjoying our 109th year, we are still dedicated to connecting alumni with each other and the University.

What does the Alumni Board do?

This board is comprised of 28 dedicated alumni who volunteer their time in both individual and combined efforts to further the vision of our Association’s founder and to constantly explore both new and traditional ways of getting and keeping our Alumni engaged with this University.

The Board’s work serves all alumni groups and interests by focusing on different areas, including Regional Alumni Chapters, the Schools of Education and Business, the Johnston Center, Career Development, and Athletics. Each member currently serves on one or more of the following committees:

  • Events
  • Greek Alumni
  • School of Business & Society
  • School of Education
  • Young Alumni & Student Engagement
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Alumni Awards
  • Alumni Board Nominations


Iyan Barrera Sandri '08 '15 
James Benanti '99 '05
Donald Cox '01 '07
Christian Curry '20
Lorraine Davila '22
Shannon Estrada '13

Kelsey Gormley '07


Adam Gottlieb '15

President Elect

Craig Grabow '14

Chair, SBS

Lori Horter '88
Stacy Huston '06
Justin Lee '08

Jacob Madden '19

Chair, CAS

Michael McFarlane '90

Vice Chair, CAS

Makaley Montana '24

Current MGSA President

Claire Olmstead '21

James Particola '07
Janet Pearson '64
Noella Richer '01
Bear Ride '78

Colin Romer '18

Immediate Past President, Chair, Governance

Leslie Sernaque- Falcon '22

Former MGSA President

Sheena Shaw '19
Colin Siaw '10
Chrystina Smith-Rasshan '02 '20

Sue Teele '64

Chair, SoEd

Kay Thomas '19

Linda Towson ’64