Your financial aid award is based on the information provided by you and/or your parents at the time the FAFSA was filed. We are aware that, in certain cases, the information listed on the FAFSA may not accurately represent your family’s current financial circumstances.

Some examples of changes in circumstance that may warrant a Special Circumstance Appeal are:

  • loss or change of job 
  • reduction in work hours
  • disability or illness
  • legal separation or divorce
  • death of a family member

Other circumstances, although affecting a family’s financial ability to contribute, cannot be used to change eligibility. Some of these are:

  • Excessive consumer/credit card debt
  • Costs of private elementary/high school tuition
  • Prenuptial agreements stating that a stepparent is not responsible for a stepchild’s education. Federal regulations do not recognize prenuptial agreements, and, if remarried, information for both the parent and stepparent must be reported.
  • Parents’ refusal to contribute toward their child’s education. If the child has been determined to be dependent, the parental contribution calculation for all dependent students measures parents’ ability, not their willingness, to contribute toward the student’s educational expenses.

To complete a Special Circumstances Appeal, access the form at www.redlands.edu/faforms. Requests are reviewed by a financial aid committee, who may adjust your eligibility for aid.

All decisions will be communicated via e-mail.