Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to reapply for Financial Aid every year?

Yes! Student Financial Services depends on the timely completion of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) so that we may award you with aid for each academic year. The deadline for receipt of the FAFSA each year is March 2. You may complete your FAFSA online.

I am going to receive scholarship funds from an outside source. Do I need to report the funds to Student Financial Services?

Yes, all sources of financial aid must be reported to Student Financial Services. If you are receiving external resources such as scholarships, you will need to send verification of the scholarship to our office. You may fax, email or mail the official documentation.

What should I do if my family has a reduction in income, or other change of circumstances, after we have filed the FAFSA?

Certain changes in family circumstances may affect a family's ability to pay educational expenses and can be used as the basis for a Special Circumstances Review. Eligible circumstances for review include, but are not limited to, loss or reduction of employment, separation or divorce, and loss of benefits such as social security or child support.

Request for review must be documented using the Special Circumstances Appeal form. Students who wish to be considered for an appeal must file a FAFSA before the appeal can be considered. Requests will be reviewed by the Student Financial Services committee and will receive a decision in approximately two weeks via U.S. Mail.

How can I get money to pay for my textbooks?

Textbooks are not covered unless additional loan and/or payments are made to the extent that they create a credit on your student account. Most students who wish to pay for textbooks with financial aid will apply for loans in excess of their tuition and fees and use their credit.

I have a credit on my student account. When will I receive the funds?

If the amount of your financial aid exceeds the amount of your tuition and fess, you will have a credit on your account. This credit will be mailed to you within 14 days of the disbursement of your federal financial aid funds. If the student holds a U.S. savings or checking account, direct deposit may be set up through MyRedlands.



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