Common Application Workshops

Personal Profile and Testing Section

Your personal profile section may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you look over this section carefully, as this is how colleges will communicate important updates about your application. The testing section can be important if you are not applying test-optional.


Writing Section

You may feel a lot of pressure in the writing portion of the Common App. There is no such thing as a perfect essay. We're looking to learn more about you and your experiences. This workshop will go into more detail about how to go about preparing for this section.

Activities Section

What do you do when you aren't watching TV or playing games? Although this section requires a lot of thought, the information is valuable to see a side of you outside of the classroom. Learn more about how to recall the last three and half years.

Supplemental Section and Submitting

Each Common App school has a supplement. We'll take you through ours, as well as show you the feature of previewing your application before hitting submit. We always recommend one last look.