University of Redlands App and COVID Resources

Learn how to

Download the University of Redlands App

QR Code link to University of Redlands App

  • Search “University of Redlands” and look for the maroon background with the white block R.


Opening the App

  • When you open the app for the first time, please choose to
    allow location settings and notifications.


  • Then pick your default persona:
    • For students, pick Student
    • For faculty, staff, and administrators, pick Employee
    • For guests, pick the Guest persona
      (this persona may be used by family members)


  • Sign in using your University credentials – including your full email address and case-sensitive password.
  • We suggest you select the “Keep me signed in” radio button – this will keep you logged in for 90 days without having to re-enter your credentials.
  • Select the “Sign In” button.


  • You may be prompted to get DUO authentication; complete that process.


You’re ready to explore the app!

  • The app will initially take you to the home screen for your persona (as selected in the previous step).

Health Self-Assessment

  • At the very top of the home screen, you will see your status for the Health Self-Assessment.
  • The orange triangle icon and language indicate that your daily assessment still needs to be completed.

  • Once taken, the icon and language will change to a green “pass” checkmark if you pass.


  • If you fail, the icon and language will change to a red “fail” X.


  • Your result banner will remain at the top of your screen for the entire day.

Since you must complete the assessment daily, it will reset at midnight, and the banner will show the orange triangle to remind you to complete the assessment for the new day.

Opening UR Ready Highlights

  • Students – the UR Ready page can be found by selecting the top-left icon on the student home screen titled “UR Ready.”
  • Employees – you can find the UR Ready page at the top rectangle button on the employee home screen titled “UR Ready Highlights.”

UR Ready Highlights

UR Ready Highlights has six main icons.


  • Your University ID may look a little different since it is also being used as a key to show your wellness status. The barcode feature will still work.
    • If you have reported that you have been vaccinated, your ID will show the gold/yellow “pass” checkmark.

    • If you are unvaccinated and have completed your daily health assessment and recorded your weekly test date, your Digital ID will show the green “pass” checkmark.


    • If something is missing, your ID will show the animated red “fail” X.


      • Some things that may cause the red icon on your ID include:
        • not having completed the daily self-assessment for that day;
        • having failed the daily self-assessment on that day;
        • not completing the Student Safety Pledge and Expectations Training; or
        • not completing your required weekly COVID-19 test.
      • Under your ID photo, it will say, “Why do I have this red icon on my ID?” You can select that to see which reason applies to your situation.
  • The Make Testing Appointment icon links to the San Bernardino County COVID-19 testing appointment website.
  • The Report Required Weekly Testing opens a form where you can report the testing location and when you were tested. Please remember to report your COVID-19 test weekly on the date you take it.  You will not be asked to report test results in this form.
  • The Students & Families and Employees icons link to the respective UR Ready websites where you can find comprehensive information and many COVID-19 resources.
  • The Reporting Form icon links to the University’s COVID-19 Symptoms, Exposure, or Positive Test Reporting Form.

UR Ready Resources

At the very bottom of the UR Ready Highlights home screen, there is a link to the full UR Ready Website and more information about what to do if you need to quarantine or isolate.


If you have further questions or difficulties with the app, please contact Tech Support at (909) 748-8922 or