Getting Tested

University of Redlands Health Checks and Testing Protocol

The University’s COVID-19 prevention policy for access to campus by members of our community requires all individuals (students, faculty, and staff) who are approved to work, visit or reside on-site to complete daily health checks and weekly testing. As we prepare for the gradual increase of on-site activities, this combined approach is the most effective practice our community can utilize to screen and isolate individuals who exhibit symptoms or positive evidence of COVID-19 infection.  Regular health checks and testing—along with other prevention protocols including physical distancing, the use of face coverings, enhanced cleaning, and good hygiene practices—will help us minimize the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community.

Our planned “surveillance” testing program (collecting and analyzing samples from selected non-symptomatic individuals) will be aided by our partnership with the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health (County DPH), which operates a community COVID-19 testing clinic on the University’s Redlands campus making it convenient for those on the Redlands campus to schedule appointments. The purpose of this testing protocol is to screen for positive COVID-19 cases and aid in identifying potential outbreaks sooner than we would if only relying on a daily health assessment/symptom survey.  The health, safety and privacy of our community is our top priority.

Testing Sites and Information

State of California Testing Sites

PDF: State OptumServe Community Testing Locations

San Bernardino County Testing Information

PDF: SB County Stationary Sites

PDF: Arrowhead DriveThru Testing Colton

Marin County Testing Information

PDF: Marin County COVID-19 Testing Info