In-Person Teaching and Learning to begin January 18

January 14, 2022

To:  University Community
From:  Vice President for Administration Michelle Rogers and the COVID Task Force
Subject:  In-Person Teaching and Learning to begin January 18

As promised, we are writing to update you on our decision about the modality of College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) classes beginning the week of January 17, informed by recent data from student COVID-19 testing attestation forms and quarantine and isolation statistics for our community.

Because a meaningful portion of students have submitted an attestation of a negative COVID-19 test or will have emerged from quarantine or isolation by next week, we will proceed with in-person classes in the College next week.

The University continues to take steps to mitigate risk and manage the current COVID-19 environment, as follows:

  • Continued grab-and-go dining for all Harvest Table locations with an anticipated shift to indoor dining the week of January 24. Additional tables have been set outside The Commons to encourage outdoor dining.
  • Maintaining enhanced safety measures on all campuses, as previously announced, including improved mask quality.
  • Redeploying resources to assist in student case management during this critical period.
  • Facilitating student access to testing and booster appointments off-campus by providing shuttle services.
  • Providing antigen testing kits to those required to provide proof of a negative test to leave quarantine and isolation.
  • Encouraging faculty members to make instructional accommodation as needed, recognizing we have committed to in-person instruction. Faculty, please contact Interim Dean Steve Wuhs for guidance, when needed.
  • Requiring booster doses for all vaccinated individuals when eligible (revised vaccination policy is forthcoming). 

We appreciate your help in keeping our Bulldog community safe and fulfilling the U of R’s mission to offer a meaningful, personalized education.