Extension of pay guarantee for current employees until July 15

July 2, 2020

To: Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
From: Michelle Rogers, Vice President for Administration; Kevin Dyerly, Vice President for Finance; Donna Eddleman, University Dean of Student Affairs
Subject: Extension of pay guarantee for current employees until July 15

In light of rising number of new cases reported in San Bernardino County and more broadly across California, we are delaying further reopening of the Redlands campus and today announce the extension of guaranteed pay for all current faculty, staff, and administrators until July 15. 

Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to release new guidance for higher education soon, and, while we had planned to provide the opportunity for departments to return to any building on the Redlands campus beginning on July 6, we now think it is prudent to await the governor’s guidance.

If you are an employee who has not returned to work and cannot perform your duties remotely, please contact your supervisor to discuss your options, which may include completing assignments for a different department. Supervisors should continue to use discretion in determining if and when employees should return to work in person to carry out essential functions.

To protect the health and safety of our community, the University’s precautions have included:

  • Deep cleaning offices, cubicles, lobbies, bathrooms, etc.
  • Distributing personal protective equipment (face coverings and gloves) and sanitizing products (we also encourage employees to bring their own if possible, as some of these items are also backordered)
  • Working with supervisors to identify modifications to workspaces, common areas, and technology to accommodate social distancing and a low-density model of work life. Most, but not all, of these changes have been implemented, as some items (such as plexiglass) are backordered.
  • Creating new signage with reminders about hand washing, social distancing, and other safety protocols. Many of these signs have been posted, however they are also available in digital form so employees can print and post them as needed.

We also require that all employees on campus contribute to the safety of our community as a whole through your actions.

  • Individuals on campus must remain a minimum of six (6) feet away and/or separated by a solid barrier from all other individuals unless closer interaction is absolutely required to perform their job duties, and then face coverings are required. Employees must minimize face-to-face contact with others to the greatest extent possible.
  • All employees must wear face coverings any time they are in the presence of others or when leaving their own workspace. Coverings may consist of a bandana, surgical mask, scarf, etc. and must fully shield the mouth and nose.
  • All employees must wash their hands frequently.
  • Employees with positions that include touching items often used by others (credit cards, computers, copiers, printers, trashcans, books, etc.) must wear disposable gloves and change them regularly throughout the day.
  • Employees should take their temperatures before work, and those who are sick with flu-like symptoms, respiratory symptoms, or unexplained fever should stay home (or leave work immediately), notifying their supervisor; before returning to work, employees should call their health care provider for instructions regarding return to work if they have been ill.

For more information about the University’s COVID-19 response, see the Coronavirus FAQ webpage. For more information on prevention and safety protocols, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.